Jun 5, 2015

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: I Used To Know Dark Mouse

He was arrogant and reckless. As an officer of the law, Dark Mouse made life Hell for the criminal element in his city and his fellow officer, unfortunately. One of those officers recounts an evening where Dark Mouse's whereabouts have never been confirmed and where everything hit the fan. I submit to you: I Used To Know Dark Mouse

First released as an online comic for a site under construction, I Used to Know Dark Mouse was never meant to see print. A few months after I completed the story and art I happened upon a local publisher that did quality work for a great price and I published the book. I traveled with it to conventions and stores. Now that I'm out of the physical books, it's online for everyone to enjoy as part of Free Comics Friday.

It is the first full color story of Dark Mouse and is meant as a short story from his past and canon. I am slowly working on his main story but I enjoy these shorter yarns too much to not work on those in between. Feel free to share the book and comment below.

See you next time.

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