Nov 9, 2014

FREE COMICS FRIDAY x Shadow People x Art Updates

The past month or so has been very busy (new book!). Below is November's free comic, A Prologue to the Shadow People, followed by a brief recap of the last few weeks...
Long Beach Comic Con: Teamed-up with Evan Spears and sold comics, prints, and made art.

Comikaze: Teamed with Evan again, Sheika Lugtu, to sell comics, prints, and make art, AND unveiled my new augmented reality comic, The Shadow People. Video courtesy of Liz Ohanesian.

Riverside Art Walk: Made some zombie portraits of patrons.

Reflection - Art show with Collaboration X at the After Image Gallery: Had paintings and comics on view with the rest of the CX crew. You can see some Shadow People that came along enjoying the party with folks in the pics below.

Thanks to everyone for making the last few weeks productive and rewarding:

I'll be pushing the new book pretty hard over the next few weeks and there are a few projects I had set on the back burner that I can finally tend to.

If you want to see the Shadow People that were hiding at last night's opening, you can use the app on the image below (as long as you're reading this on a desktop or laptop)! Follow these steps:

1- Download the free mobile app Aurasma on your smart phone or tablet.
2- Search for and then follow TheShadowPeople
3- Point Aurasma's viewfinder at the image below and the Shadow should appear.

As always, follow me on Instagram for the latest art posts. I'll be updating my site soon. More soon. Thanks, again guys.

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