May 22, 2014

Riverside ART MAKE: A.R.T. Friends

If you've been following along on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter recently, you've seen or heard something of the All Real True (A.R.T.) Friends. They're a friendly group of creative individuals that are visiting from out of town. They chose Riverside to reside in because of the different flourishing creative communities found there and events like the Riverside Art Museum's Art Make:

Art Make is an initiative that distributes temporary and collaborative public art installations throughout four neighborhoods within Riverside, CA. This seemed like a great opportunity to invite the ART Friends: Pablo, Magdalena, and Vincent.

They loved the idea and they wanted to participate so they brought their cell phones. As statues, they can do little more than be looked at. However, they thought they would use their mobile devices to interact with people in Riverside and anyone else with access to a cell phone or telephone.

All three ART Friends are taking calls for a very limited time. Call and talk to the ART Friends:

(951) 256-5493
(951) 268-3917
(951) 268-3918

Read more about the ART Friends and related work now on KCET's ArtBound.

I did not bring the ART Friends here alone. Lots of people worked (and are working) together with them including but not limited to Riverside Art Museum staff, volunteers, community service members and staff, city officials, family, friends and even other ART Friends. I truly appreciate all the help. Below are just some of those people. Thank you, everyone, for chipping in on something fun:

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