Jan 3, 2014

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Dark Mouse: Poetic Justice

Welcome to 2014 and the first Free Comics Friday of the new year. Last month I put together the most collaborative piece for #FCF to date. Alas I had not posted it here until today but I was able to do so on my main Issuu page and it is one of the more popular posts of last year. I was fortunate enough to have artists I admire contribute their interpretation of Dark Mouse as a gallery of pin-up work to the book as well. In lieu of a post last month, please accept TWO digital Dark Mouse comics here this month. Enjoy London Calling and Dark Mouse: Poetic Justice

Somehow, December turned out to be busier than November was due to the holidays and I even planned for November to be full as I had two conventions, a signing, and other projects lined up then.

Those conventions (Comikaze and Long Beach Comic Con) were great fun as always and as always I was flanked by the art of the incomparable Evan Spears and Sheika Lugtu. Saw some old faces and got to know a few new ones. I even developed an Art Scavenger Hunt based on my good buddy Nick Bahula's free art activities around Southern California. I painted a number of Dark Mouse stencils and left them strategically around the convention halls. If found, there were instructions on the back to bring them to our table to claim even further prizes (Dark Mouse comics!).

 In no particular order, these are some of the rad people and images from said conventions:


There's still more to post from late last year but that's for another time. Thank you, 2013. You were pretty rad.

See you next month for Free Comics Friday.