Oct 7, 2013


Hello, people, art enthusiasts, artists, wanderers, friends, and family. This month's comic was inspired by current politics and the Power Rangers. Click below and read on...

About a year ago I imagined the White House turning into a large fighting robot capable of defending America against any gargantuan or military foe. This month's story gave me the opportunity to draw that.

October thus far, has been a bizarre and, as usual, a busy month for me. My time will be a much more rare and valuable commodity for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I will be economizing my art-making a little more strictly and will maintain my monthly posts here. Below are some updates on all my "arts."

Through September and October so far I've had artwork hanging in LA for Revisit the Curtain and Cannibal Flower, and San Bernardino for the Collaboration X show THE UNCONSCIOUS VOICE. This month I have paintings exhibited in multiple locations in Downtown Riverside including the Saturation Fest affiliated show VIVA LA BABYHEAD and in the county's Administration Building.

I USED TO KNOW DARK MOUSE is officially on the shelves at four rad comic book stores in the Southern California area. Inland Empire shoppers can visit A Shop Called Quest in Redlands or venture a bit west to ASCQ Claremont. LA area comics enthusiasts can visit either Meltdown Comics in LA or Collector's Paradise in Pasadena. Next month I hope to be in even more stores and a possible signing is in the works.  

NOT to mention TWO comic book/pop culture conventions happening in November. At the start of November find me at Comikaze in Downtown LA and to round out the end of the month I'll be tabling the Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention. Both of these events will find me joined by great artist and friend, Evan Spears. Watch out for us.

More updates this month as there will be lots of prep for the conventions. See you all soon.

Stay awesome.

Oh, and I'm really looking forward to Halloween.

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