Sep 7, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Sequential (→) + Dark Mouse

I've always loved Sequential Art (comics, film, photo, video). The human brain automatically builds a story between two separate images even though they could be entirely unrelated. I try and explore that idea specifically in this month's comic: Sequential.

When viewing a set of images from left to right they seem to tell a story. The mind can build a story through any arrangement of images though. I find it extremely interesting that another story exists when viewed from right to left. Of course, the left to right sequence may be a cultural thing as, in this hemisphere, we grow up reading that way.

This month’s comic art is pretty straight forward… or backwards.

In other self-published comic book news, I finally published a full-color Dark Mouse comic book:

Earlier this year I was asked to create a Dark Mouse story for the Magnificent Creatures comics website. Initially, I didn't have any plans to print the comic but once complete I felt it warranted at least a short run. Fortunately I found a print shop that was able to produce the books at an affordable price and the first run is an extremely limited 100 books.

I sell them at $3 a piece in person and they'll eventually be online in different types of bundles for varying prices. In addition I'll be talking to different shops about carrying the books.

If you are one of the few 100 that gets the book, reach out to me and let me know what you think. Leave a comment, tweet me, or email.

Thanks for the time, guys. Stay awesome.

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