Aug 1, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: The Drawer - Conclusion

Welcome to August 2nd: Free Comics Friday for the 8th month of 2013. Today we conclude The Drawer. Click on the comic above to find out what other dark and scary things are hiding in the story. Last month's monster wasn't the only thing at the bottom of The Drawer.

I had a good time working on this tale. It was loose, relaxed, and cathartic. Markers are an interesting medium that I'll probably be experimenting with more in the future. Using a different medium on these monthly yarns keeps the process new and interesting for me.

To emphasize that a bit more, I'd like to get more into collaborating for future editions of Free Comics Friday. I'll be reaching out to good friends and simply artists that I've always wanted to work with for future comic posts.

Let me know what you thought about this month's story in the comments below.

Thanks for the time.

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