May 3, 2013


When I was very young, I wanted to make comic books. I am not yet old but I still want to make comic books, so I do it. Every first Friday of the month for the past year I have uploaded a comic book to read, for free, here at

Today is the first anniversary of Free Comics Fridays. In honor of this occasion, I post the oldest surviving complete comic book art I have to date. Circa 1995 or 1996, I submit Arachno Man:

Arachno Man was to be monthly title. A publication of the aptly named Super Comics (due to their obvious quality), Spider Man's mutant cousin (<--spoiler) was to be published alongside such mainstream titles as Astro Bomber and Captain Power.

Alas, this was Super Comics' only published work as its founder became occupied passing notes to girls in school or engulfed in some terrible video game.

Tune in next month for more exercises in creative sequential art storytelling.

Stay awesome, Internet.