Feb 1, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Basquiat x Ninja

It's the first of February AND it's a Friday. Today's traditional Comic should be something special and so I submit: Basquiat and Ninja. Both follow a bad ass but one follows a violent quest for revenge while the other is a short meeting between a pro and antagonist.
BASQUIAT is special because I created it for my first exhibition out of college. It was originally a short gag zine/comic i created for the show. I only printed fifty and gave them away that night. I never intended to continue the story even though I lead on that there was more to it. This is the first time it's collected and put online in its entirety.

It had only been seen by a few people but now it's uploaded and as we all know, the internet doesn't forget. Check out the video we made for that show. Haven't painted on a wall in so long.

The second story, NINJA, was used as a short, storytelling exercise in a comics-making class I headed recently. I was at a loss when casting my titular character but remembered that I've already made a ninja comic or two in the past.

Thanks for the time. As always, more art soon.

BONUS/EXTRA CREDIT: find and visit my myspace page hidden somewhere in BASQUIAT and leave me a comment there to blow my mind.

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