Oct 31, 2013


Free Comics Friday comes early for November: a very busy month. November houses Comikaze, Long Beach Comic & Horror Con, Division 9's Dia De Los Muertos celebration, and a possible signing in between.

Click below to read this months comic, get updated on events, and leave a comment.

Oct 7, 2013


Hello, people, art enthusiasts, artists, wanderers, friends, and family. This month's comic was inspired by current politics and the Power Rangers. Click below and read on...

Sep 7, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Sequential (→) + Dark Mouse

I've always loved Sequential Art (comics, film, photo, video). The human brain automatically builds a story between two separate images even though they could be entirely unrelated. I try and explore that idea specifically in this month's comic: Sequential.

Aug 1, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: The Drawer - Conclusion

Welcome to August 2nd: Free Comics Friday for the 8th month of 2013. Today we conclude The Drawer. Click on the comic above to find out what other dark and scary things are hiding in the story. Last month's monster wasn't the only thing at the bottom of The Drawer.

Jul 5, 2013


Today is July's first Friday and today's comic is a continuation of last month's story. I apologize for not posting here last month but the comic was still up on time on the Issuu page. For your consideration, continue on to read Part I and Part II of The Drawer...

May 3, 2013


When I was very young, I wanted to make comic books. I am not yet old but I still want to make comic books, so I do it. Every first Friday of the month for the past year I have uploaded a comic book to read, for free, here at eyedraugh.com.

Today is the first anniversary of Free Comics Fridays. In honor of this occasion, I post the oldest surviving complete comic book art I have to date. Circa 1995 or 1996, I submit Arachno Man:

Arachno Man was to be monthly title. A publication of the aptly named Super Comics (due to their obvious quality), Spider Man's mutant cousin (<--spoiler) was to be published alongside such mainstream titles as Astro Bomber and Captain Power.

Alas, this was Super Comics' only published work as its founder became occupied passing notes to girls in school or engulfed in some terrible video game.

Tune in next month for more exercises in creative sequential art storytelling.

Stay awesome, Internet.

Apr 10, 2013

Oh That's a Salty Banana!

Hey, guys. Here's another piece of art inspired by Jonah Ray. It's a "Salty Banana" wallpaper for your iPhone 5. Remember to click on the PREVIEW of the art and then steal the ACTUAL image. Feel free to share on the instagrams and such.

Continue reading for a slightly less in your face version of the same art.

Apr 6, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: People and Something Neat

April's comic is a short one. Abstract ideas becoming tangible is a theme that rolls around my head pretty constantly and this story explores that a little bit. Enjoy.

Mar 1, 2013


In Small Town, it is known that the Chaneys are wealthy. However, they became so upon arriving in Small Town. The first Chaney arrived and promptly exploited the hills for their silver. His family was cared for but no one knows where they came from.

Feb 20, 2013

Sketchbook-Making Workshop

I'm heading a workshop on making these and similar books on February 23, 2013 at Division 9 Gallery in Downtown Riverside. Read on for more details!

The workshop will be from 11am - 2pm and you will be provided with string and I'll have some handy blades/scissors to cut materials to size. I've got different kinds of boxes and paper to give you but feel free to bring your own. The workshop will cost $25 before or at the door. Come through and make a sketchbook, or a diary, or a journal, or a smash book, or a notebook, and then take it home!

Once more from the top:

Saturday, February 23, 2013
11am - 2pm
Division 9 Gallery
3850 Lemon St
Riverside, CA 92501

Take home a book you made!

All ages (kids should bring their parents as we'll have sharp objects about)

contact: osollo@eyedraugh.com

Feb 1, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Basquiat x Ninja

It's the first of February AND it's a Friday. Today's traditional Comic should be something special and so I submit: Basquiat and Ninja. Both follow a bad ass but one follows a violent quest for revenge while the other is a short meeting between a pro and antagonist.

Jan 15, 2013

Photographers Are Super Legit

Here are some cool people I met/was inspired by last year who carry around a tiny box. A tiny box that captures souls and traps them on the internet or on small pieces of film for eternity.

I don't know Rebecca (RCIN) that well but she is a great sport. I saw her carrying a camera at a convention in 2012 and asked her to take my picture. She doesn't know me and she did it anyway. You can even see it on Bleeding Cool! Check out her work: http://www.flickr.com/people/rcinphotography/.

Also, I believe I've mentioned Kimberly Johnson before. We met at the Riverside Artwalk. Have you scoped her tumblr out yet: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimphotog/

Now, you all know Neil Favila. No? Of course you do. 

Neil's hard work is recognized and he rewards himself with fancy parties around the world and even once on the moon! Don't ask him about that though. He doesn't like to talk about it. Be amazed over at www.neilfavila.com.

He regularly creates some of my favorite images so naturally I stole one and painted it into a series of paintings I worked on late last year. Here's his shot of Leia Contois and some images from "50 @ the 9" last December at Division 9 Gallery. Make sure you follow Neil all over the internet and check out his side project Girls in Beanies.

Jan 4, 2013

Free Comics Friday + 2013

Today is the first Friday of 2013. I present the next chapter of End Ever:
Make sure to read the first installment of End Ever here if you haven't already.