Dec 7, 2012

Free Comics Friday: The Burn Issue

It's Free Comics Friday once again, guys! That means it's time to enjoy some free comics on the interwebs. Today I give you my version of the 1983 classic, Revenge of the Ninja:

This is a story out of The Burn Issue, which is a small anthology with stories revolving around heat, fire, and high temperatures. I've always got copies with me at conventions so you can grab them up and read all the stories in them. Evan Spears and Jan Remetir even donated some of their art to the book.

Now I know what not-many of you may be asking: "Where's the long-awaited continuation of End Ever?"

To be perfectly honest, the next part of the story isn't ready yet. I would much rather upload a comic I printed two years ago that I'm happy with than some unfinished/unpolished work. I will try to have it ready for next month (and the new year). As soon as it's ready, it shall see the light of day. I promise.

Stay up internet. Draw more.