Sep 9, 2012

Free Comics Friday: Nerdist Fan Comics

Hello, friends. I know. I know. I didn't post here last Friday. I know it was Free Comics Friday and I lagged it but on the plus side I still got my comic online that Friday - I just didn't blog it. SO, above you have it. The latest in Free Comics Friday from yours truly.

For this comic (as I say in the description) I was inspired to draw it after listening to the Cara Santa Maria edition of the Nerdist podcast (episode 205). I scribbled down some of the audio and drew a comic around that.

The Nerdist is the only podcast I really follow (though I have tried others) but I don't feel I learn as much from them as I do Nerdist. That episode particularly stood out to me because I heard so many scientific theories that I'd never heard of and frankly some new words that I have since added to my vocab. Because, when you learn a new word you rub it in your coworker's faces and they are annoyed by you.

Seriously, the Nerdist podcast is something I enjoy and I enjoyed making this thing that was inspired by the 'cast. When I first listened to it, I was reminded of David Mack comic books and learning from those. Visually, a watercolor style made sense to me.

I hope you enjoy it. Click. Read. Share. Comment. Click. Enjoy again.

I'll have prints at the upcoming Comikaze! See you soon, LA.

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