Aug 3, 2012

Free Comics Friday IV: 140

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another edition of Free Comics Friday: where every first Friday of the month I upload some sequential art for the crazy free price of free. Today I upload the first issue of my personal crowd-sourcing comic book project, 140:

I first printed and premiered this issue way back in 2010 at the (then) Long Beach Comic Con. Since then, I've produced a second, third, and fourth issue. I've had issue 5 on the shelf for far too long but I'm aiming to have that done by the fall. If you're asking why I'm putting this content online now, let me start by saying:

As a first-time independent publisher, I've made lots of mistakes. The biggest has probably been not printing enough books to reach everyone out there. With minimal funds, that's a difficult task and in all likelihood, somewhere around 100 people have probably read this entire first issue.

Another problem was not knowing which direction I wanted to take the book when I started (which could be looked at as an opportunity as well). The second issue is a stand alone short in the middle of a pretty complicated story arc. I don't have it up for sale because it's only a couple pages so I use it as a Free Comic Book Day swag item when I have the opportunity. Pretty silly to interrupt a cohesive story with swag but good ideas don't always occur when I'd like them too. Speaking of creativity,...

I'd like some closure on this story before moving on to various other projects and should have finished it before doing so. Although I've been able to exhibit my art in galleries, publish mini comics, and print shirts and stickers, I only dip my toes into these other opportunities because I've tied up my creative juices in 140. Nothing receives my full attention and everything suffers. Truly, a limited and problematic way to go about things.

As far as things going right, how about you let me know what they are? I'm gonna keep on making comics I want to make and you might dig 'em too.

So, in the interest of reaching as many people as possible, finishing a labor of love, and in the interest of comic books in general, I'm releasing this first issue of 140 for free today. If you want a hard copy, I've always got em at conventions. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I had a great time drawing it and an even better time getting so many people involved. If you want to contribute, tweet me and get in issue five!

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