Jun 1, 2012

First Friday = Free Comics Friday

Hey, folks. It's the first of the month. Let the Bone Thugs N Harmony Facebook statuses commence. But we're not here to make bad references to 90s hip hop. We're here because it's Free Comics Friday. A thing that I'm sure exists somewhere else on our fair planet (maybe not) but my incarnation shall entail new sequential art uploaded every first Friday of the month. Since today is the 1st, AND June's first Friday, today shall be the official start date of this little tradition.

A couple Fridays ago I hit you with Dark Mouse which took some substantial work to produce. Last week I tweeted a comic strip. Clearly, to make the reads worth your time, I shall need to put some work into them (which in turn requires more time). And so, be ready every first Friday for Free Comics Friday! And now, For your consideration: Paint Drip Comics.


  1. Loved the last page. "It's a complicated game." is going to by my answer to everything from now on.

  2. Thanks, guys! Show your friends.