May 9, 2012

LBCEx 2012 (already? cheah)

This Saturday is the Long Beach Comic Expo. I'm pretty excited. I saw the Avengers a few days ago. I'm still gushing over it and it totally put me in the mood for this weekend. Ergo, I'm stupid fucking excited.

I'm ALSO stupid fucking excited to be tabling/working/hanging with the incomparable Evan Are Spears and other super-impressive analogy Sheika Lugtu. Evan is one of those people that I always learn something from whenever we hang out. Sheika is a creative I've met recently and I am hard pressed to find anyone as committed to their craft as her.

Over the recent past, I've been able to build a small haul of swag and art for the patrons at the Expo. Check it:
From left to right we HAVE:

Some Things (black and white print)

Dark Mouse -vs- Cats (super limited color print)

Skull Shirt

Dark Mouse comics #1-5

Everything besides Dark Mouse #1-3 is new (and even those are fairly recent). If you're not familiar with Dark Mouse then I suggest you start drinking heavily. I'll also have some of my older prints as well as books The Burn Issue and ::gasp!:: 140.

As of right now I am awaiting YOUR text to fill 140, issue number 5. I will complete that comic and will release it because I need to get that story out of my system.

You can contribute to the book by tweeting @eyedraugh with #5words and your text. Feel free to email, chat, message, or snail mail your 140 character contribution to me as well and I will use your words in the book. All credit where credit is due as usual, folks. I look forward to drawing your words again.

As always, I've got other projects in the wings and I can't wait to get a jump on em.

But for now, THIS WEEKEND: Long Beach Comic Expo. Visit Evan, Sheika, and myself at tables 1002 and 1003. Let's do this thing.

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