May 29, 2012

French Hollywood Steals My Painting

I spent this past Memorial Day Weekend enjoying good company and good friends remembering why we live in such a great free country. Something overshadowed this hallowed fact though. I went blind to see the runaway French hit, The Intouchables and happened to see something shocking. During a scene where a billionaire and his poverty-stricken aide go shopping for obscenely priced art they happen upon a suspiciously familiar painting:
Also, dude is eating peanut M&M's. Good choice. Back to the point...
Here's a piece I completed and exhibited a few months ago in my first solo exhibition:
What can we take away from this?

- My painting should be in a major motion picture.
- My painting is worth 41,500 Euros.
- They copied the shit out of my painting.

I'll be expecting my check in the mail, France.

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