Free Comics Friday + LBCEx Recap

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: Dark Mouse.

Open publication - Free publishing - More anti mickey

This is the collection of the first five Dark Mouse mini-comics I've produced. You can read them for free here but I have hard copies with me at conventions too (while supplies last). The books also have super-secret artwork printed on the inside/back. I'll be putting those up for sale online in the near future as I work on the next Dark Mouse installment, not to mention 140. Get excited!

SPEAKING of conventions, Evan Spears, Sheika Lugtu, and I plowed through the Long Beach Comic Expo last weekend like some sort of drunken college simile. A good time for all to be sure:

For some God-awful reason I felt it a good idea to take pictures towards the end of the event so it looks like no one attended. I made my decision and I stand by it. Always nice to see new and old con friends. Looking forward to November!
These are not the comics you're looking for.

I was also able to stop by CSU Long Beach to visit Andrea Ueda and check out her group show while it was up:

Hand made frames and super-limited, beautiful prints. Check out more of her work here.

Stay tuned for the THREE comics I'm working on right now, a small coloring book for an upcoming local festival, and a few more digital projects to premiere soon (fingers crossed).

I'm also taking commissions should the notion strike you and I'll be showing work once again in this year's Saturation Fest in Riverside, CA.

Follow and stay up on upcoming issues of Dark Mouse and 140.

See you soon, Internet.