Apr 20, 2012

A Serious Artist

I play Draw Something. Here are some trolled drawings I made followed by genuine attempts. Enjoy or don't.



If these drawings haven't convinced you to take me seriously as an artist, then hold onto your seats: I'm competing in the Los Angeles Thank You For Creating exhibition where a select few works will be sent to an additional exhibition in London. If you would like to send my painting to London and boost my ego (as if it needed it), please use THIS LINK and click on the "like" button below my painting at the T4C Facebook page. Here's that link again:


But wait, there's more! I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Expo this year with the one and only Evan Spears. Bearing muskets at the ready is our newest cohort, Sheika Lugtu. They are as awesome as they sound. We shall do battle.

Look out (maybe,... probably not), London.

Long Beach, you're next.