Mar 5, 2012

Art Crawl, Zine Fest, David Mack

Hey there, Blog. You look good. I'm okay. Yeah, I know. It's been a while. I never meant to just up and leave you like that. I just needed to work some things out on my own. I know. That was selfish and I'm an asshole. Look, don't bring that up. Let's just focus on some good stuff that's been happening. Well, like, I was at the Anaheim Art Crawl. That was fun:

I went to Zinefest too. Rolled deep with Donna Letterese, Sheika Lugtu, and Evan Spears with Lili Berni. That was a great indie publishing event. If you're an independent publisher of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least read about this thing. Really fun and innovative. The Zinefest crew is doing it right:

It was THIS PACKED all day. Clearly, there is a demand in LA for independent literature.

Yes, there was even a LIBRARY with tagged zines. Each tag directed you to that publisher's table at the event should you find you REALLY like the zine you're reading. I'd like to see a comic convention adopt this practice. Here are some cool people:

Holy shit! Dark Mouse-esque tattoo!

All day at Zinefest people were asking about Henry Rollins. I am not so well-read on this man but I did see Heat and that was badass. Then while wandering about the Last Bookstore's Zinefest Afterparty, I turned around at some point and Henry Rollins was standing there. He was kind enough to take a photo:Special thanks to Sheika for snapping the pic.

This Dark Mouse image is going to be an 11"x17" color print available soon because apparently, zinesters and zine-readers love cats. I'm also working on a "thing" print.

My friend Cosme has his 2012 solo show up now at Division 9 Gallery in Riverside, CA. If you're in town, stop by his spot. His work is always worth it.
Check out this portrait of his father picking food and the "iPick" skeleton decal Cosme came up with.

Went to meet up with a friend in LA on Friday. I also went to La Luz De Jesus' March 2nd gallery opening, Laluzapalooza. My first time at the establishment. Truly a sight and was lucky enough to get a chance to chat briefly with David Mack who's a huge influence on me.

Not gonna lie; was pretty nervous. Luckily, he's down to earth and easy to talk to. He donated a tweet to the 3rd issue of 140 a while back (which I was equally stoked about) and I gave him a copy of the book at La Luz. He even introduced me to Mia Matsumiya and Satine Phoenix. THEN they offered to take a photo before I ducked out. A more welcoming creative bunch is hard to come by. I certainly hope to see them again.
Well, Blog. It looks like this is the end of tonight's installment. Don't cry. Look, I'll be back soon. Promise. I've got a few events coming up so don't fret, girl. Also, I'm finally getting off my ass about getting 140 to a publisher. Cross your fingers, baby. Here goes nothing.


  1. woo-hoo, best of luck! You were an awesome table-mate, Nate :-D Silly rhyming, but you're spot on. LAZF is doing it right, and here's hoping to more great indie events like this one in the future. Also, I kind of want to hug your whale drawing up top, or pat his head. He's so cute yet so forlorn!

  2. Haha thanks. I did draw that but the whale belongs to David Choe. Check him out.