Dec 7, 2012

Free Comics Friday: The Burn Issue

It's Free Comics Friday once again, guys! That means it's time to enjoy some free comics on the interwebs. Today I give you my version of the 1983 classic, Revenge of the Ninja:

This is a story out of The Burn Issue, which is a small anthology with stories revolving around heat, fire, and high temperatures. I've always got copies with me at conventions so you can grab them up and read all the stories in them. Evan Spears and Jan Remetir even donated some of their art to the book.

Now I know what not-many of you may be asking: "Where's the long-awaited continuation of End Ever?"

To be perfectly honest, the next part of the story isn't ready yet. I would much rather upload a comic I printed two years ago that I'm happy with than some unfinished/unpolished work. I will try to have it ready for next month (and the new year). As soon as it's ready, it shall see the light of day. I promise.

Stay up internet. Draw more.

Nov 16, 2012

LBCHC + IE Zine Fest

Hey, guys. The annual Long Beach Comic and Horror Con has come and gone and Sheika Lugtu, Evan Spears, and I, had an awesome time meeting people, talking comics, and drawing cool things.

Tomorrow, Evan and I join forces once again to take on the brand new Inland Empire Zine Fest. Be ready, Redlands. A Shop Called Quest has called us in.

Bonus: Evan's reaction as he Sees his Dark Mouse art for the first time.

Nov 2, 2012

LBCC + Free Comics Friday: Dark Mouse No. 6

It's autumn once again and that means it's time for the Long Beach Comic Con. Gonna rock that thing this weekend like nobody's business with Dark Mouse mini-comics, shirts, 140 comics, Burn Issue comics, buttons, prints, and sketches all weekend.


Get double excited: it's Free Comics Friday, guys. That means I've got free comics for you. Ready? Ladies and gentlemen, I present the ongoing tale of Drake Sumo:

Did you notice the super sweet cover and flash-back sequence drawn by the wreckeriest of parties, Evan Spears? The homie and I have been working conventions for a while now and we're starting to collaborate a lot more. Needless to say, I was excited when he sent me the artwork for Dark Mouse. I know you will dig it as much as I did and do. Stay tuned to see what lies in Drake's surely troubled future.

If you're wondering where End Ever is, that's returning in the coming months as well.

Follow me on the Twitters and Instagrams to see cool things from the convention if you can't make it. Remember to follow BOTH my table-mates if you haven't already: Sheika @OMGcow Lugtu and Evan @erspears Spears.

I'll see you in Long Beach.

Oct 15, 2012

Free Comics Friday: End Ever - Part 1

This is End Ever. Rather, it's the beginning of End Ever. My first most easily categorically attempt at a science fiction tale. It's a longer story so I'm serializing it. As part of Free Comics Friday, I'll be putting out the next portions of the story in the coming months.

Now, today's NOT Free Comics Friday. I uploaded the original version of this comic BEFORE the first Friday this month but unfortunately only had so much story complete.

However, today is a new day with more art, more dialogue and a much more interesting last page. In fact the last panel in this comic is crucial. This is Part 1 of End Ever as it was supposed to be read.

Read. Comment. Share. Read again.

Sep 18, 2012

Comikaze 2012

Were you at Comikaze this past weekend? Did I meet you and then urge you to follow me on tumblr, twitter, or my way home? Did we chat about comics, movies, or how the convention was going? Well, then I have only two words for you:

Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to stop at the table and say "Hi," or "What's a Dark Mouse?" or "Good to meet you." Always great to see you go to the cons and look for something you haven't read and even better when you come back. Good to see some old faces and hope to see the new ones again soon.

Bonus: Evan comes close to finishing crazy hot ramen for contest. Note shy fan in the upper left hand corner looking longingly as his champion prepares for battle.

Visit the homies from the con: Erspears, OMGcow, Forever Freshman, DWAPproductions, and the rest.

Sep 9, 2012

Free Comics Friday: Nerdist Fan Comics

Hello, friends. I know. I know. I didn't post here last Friday. I know it was Free Comics Friday and I lagged it but on the plus side I still got my comic online that Friday - I just didn't blog it. SO, above you have it. The latest in Free Comics Friday from yours truly.

For this comic (as I say in the description) I was inspired to draw it after listening to the Cara Santa Maria edition of the Nerdist podcast (episode 205). I scribbled down some of the audio and drew a comic around that.

The Nerdist is the only podcast I really follow (though I have tried others) but I don't feel I learn as much from them as I do Nerdist. That episode particularly stood out to me because I heard so many scientific theories that I'd never heard of and frankly some new words that I have since added to my vocab. Because, when you learn a new word you rub it in your coworker's faces and they are annoyed by you.

Seriously, the Nerdist podcast is something I enjoy and I enjoyed making this thing that was inspired by the 'cast. When I first listened to it, I was reminded of David Mack comic books and learning from those. Visually, a watercolor style made sense to me.

I hope you enjoy it. Click. Read. Share. Comment. Click. Enjoy again.

I'll have prints at the upcoming Comikaze! See you soon, LA.

Sep 5, 2012


This is Instabot or Instagram version 9.0. I went to the future to see what the future of Instagram held and this is what they had. As an artist, she will help me avoid all social interaction entirely and my work will progress tenfold due to my reclusive behavior. Also, she's not really a "she" since she's a soulless automaton who can never experience true love. That's okay, Instabot. Hush, now. Shh...

Aug 3, 2012

Free Comics Friday IV: 140

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another edition of Free Comics Friday: where every first Friday of the month I upload some sequential art for the crazy free price of free. Today I upload the first issue of my personal crowd-sourcing comic book project, 140:

I first printed and premiered this issue way back in 2010 at the (then) Long Beach Comic Con. Since then, I've produced a second, third, and fourth issue. I've had issue 5 on the shelf for far too long but I'm aiming to have that done by the fall. If you're asking why I'm putting this content online now, let me start by saying:

As a first-time independent publisher, I've made lots of mistakes. The biggest has probably been not printing enough books to reach everyone out there. With minimal funds, that's a difficult task and in all likelihood, somewhere around 100 people have probably read this entire first issue.

Another problem was not knowing which direction I wanted to take the book when I started (which could be looked at as an opportunity as well). The second issue is a stand alone short in the middle of a pretty complicated story arc. I don't have it up for sale because it's only a couple pages so I use it as a Free Comic Book Day swag item when I have the opportunity. Pretty silly to interrupt a cohesive story with swag but good ideas don't always occur when I'd like them too. Speaking of creativity,...

I'd like some closure on this story before moving on to various other projects and should have finished it before doing so. Although I've been able to exhibit my art in galleries, publish mini comics, and print shirts and stickers, I only dip my toes into these other opportunities because I've tied up my creative juices in 140. Nothing receives my full attention and everything suffers. Truly, a limited and problematic way to go about things.

As far as things going right, how about you let me know what they are? I'm gonna keep on making comics I want to make and you might dig 'em too.

So, in the interest of reaching as many people as possible, finishing a labor of love, and in the interest of comic books in general, I'm releasing this first issue of 140 for free today. If you want a hard copy, I've always got em at conventions. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I had a great time drawing it and an even better time getting so many people involved. If you want to contribute, tweet me and get in issue five!

Read. Comment. Return for the next Free Comics Friday!

Jul 31, 2012


Yep. I'm on that too. Follow @eyedraugh. Tell your friends.

Jul 27, 2012

Summer To-Do Fest!

Hey, guys! I'm doing the To-Do Fest! in Downtown Riverside this Sunday. Starts at four in the Life Arts Building at Lemon and University. Be there for the likes of myself, Nick Bahula and Amanda Millar of Collaboration X fame amongst other artists at the Side of the River.

Jul 6, 2012

Free Comics Friday: Emoji Comics + Riverside Artswalk

Hi, Internet. We haven't had a serious talk in so long. Let's make our most half-assed attempt at that now, shall we?

First and firstmost, today is the FIRST Friday of the month. THAT means it's Free Comics Friday! THAT means that I make a comic however I like and release for free all over your internet ass. Please, for your consideration I present to you, Emoji Comics:

Open publication - Free publishing - More art

These are some of the comics/images/art I've been able to assemble using the Emoji App on my iPod. It's a collection of short jokes based on the characters/hieroglyphs so the imagery is pretty crucial. Hopefully it isn't super blurry. Let me know.

I really enjoy the little characters (so does the world clearly) and am compelled to paint them lately. As is evident by this most recent (last night) of Riverside Artwalks:
Here's Nick Bahula and Ray Argumedo of Collaboration X fame walking the walk.
Nick took this shot of me showing up late and painting a bit.
He also took this one where I appear to be doing some sort of Live-Painting dance ritual. One can only speculate.
I hope you enjoy the comics. Make sure to leave some feedback and I'd love to see what you do with your Emoji!

Stay up, Internet.

Jul 3, 2012

Made Another Gif

Made this while waiting for food at a restaurant. Technology these days.

Jun 22, 2012

Made My First Gif

...and it's about pizza. Go figure.

Jun 18, 2012

140 No. 5

At long last I'm buckling down to crank the fifth episode of my wee comic book project, 140. To beat a dead horse, tweet @eyedraugh and I will draw your tweet into the comic book and I will most definitely print your name on the credits page. Looking forward to this one!

Jun 9, 2012

Riverside Artwalk + The Beat Swap Meet

Last Thursday (first Thursday of the month) was the Riverside Artwalk and as luck would have it, I was able to live-paint (or paint in front of people) with fellow artists Ray Argumedo and Nick Bahula. Also, visit our artist collective, Collaboration X, Facebook page (I'm in a collective? sweet!).

But MOSTLY, check out these process pics of Nick, Ray, and I getting down in downtown taken by Kimberly Johnson (her tumblr) and Nick ('cause what doesn't that guy do?).
Bonus! - CX member Rick Rodriguez paints above center!
The painting as it stands today. Ray painted a cardinal.
Nick painted an owl. I stole Jeff Soto's bird.
 Bonus Video! - Ray gets interviewed by SOON Media Group.
Raymond Argumedo : Freelance Artist - The SOON Artist Series from SOON Media Group on Vimeo.

Alright, LA. Here I come. I'm rolling into Chinatown this Sunday for the Beat Swap Meet and so help me I'm gonna paint the shit out of some speaker boxes. Bring a can of food to get in free.
 Sunday June 10, 2012
12p - 6p

There's gonna be big trouble in little Chinatown.

Jun 1, 2012

First Friday = Free Comics Friday

Hey, folks. It's the first of the month. Let the Bone Thugs N Harmony Facebook statuses commence. But we're not here to make bad references to 90s hip hop. We're here because it's Free Comics Friday. A thing that I'm sure exists somewhere else on our fair planet (maybe not) but my incarnation shall entail new sequential art uploaded every first Friday of the month. Since today is the 1st, AND June's first Friday, today shall be the official start date of this little tradition.

A couple Fridays ago I hit you with Dark Mouse which took some substantial work to produce. Last week I tweeted a comic strip. Clearly, to make the reads worth your time, I shall need to put some work into them (which in turn requires more time). And so, be ready every first Friday for Free Comics Friday! And now, For your consideration: Paint Drip Comics.

May 29, 2012

French Hollywood Steals My Painting

I spent this past Memorial Day Weekend enjoying good company and good friends remembering why we live in such a great free country. Something overshadowed this hallowed fact though. I went blind to see the runaway French hit, The Intouchables and happened to see something shocking. During a scene where a billionaire and his poverty-stricken aide go shopping for obscenely priced art they happen upon a suspiciously familiar painting:
Also, dude is eating peanut M&M's. Good choice. Back to the point...
Here's a piece I completed and exhibited a few months ago in my first solo exhibition:
What can we take away from this?

- My painting should be in a major motion picture.
- My painting is worth 41,500 Euros.
- They copied the shit out of my painting.

I'll be expecting my check in the mail, France.

May 18, 2012

Free Comics Friday + LBCEx Recap

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: Dark Mouse.

Open publication - Free publishing - More anti mickey

This is the collection of the first five Dark Mouse mini-comics I've produced. You can read them for free here but I have hard copies with me at conventions too (while supplies last). The books also have super-secret artwork printed on the inside/back. I'll be putting those up for sale online in the near future as I work on the next Dark Mouse installment, not to mention 140. Get excited!

SPEAKING of conventions, Evan Spears, Sheika Lugtu, and I plowed through the Long Beach Comic Expo last weekend like some sort of drunken college simile. A good time for all to be sure:

For some God-awful reason I felt it a good idea to take pictures towards the end of the event so it looks like no one attended. I made my decision and I stand by it. Always nice to see new and old con friends. Looking forward to November!
These are not the comics you're looking for.

I was also able to stop by CSU Long Beach to visit Andrea Ueda and check out her group show while it was up:

Hand made frames and super-limited, beautiful prints. Check out more of her work here.

Stay tuned for the THREE comics I'm working on right now, a small coloring book for an upcoming local festival, and a few more digital projects to premiere soon (fingers crossed).

I'm also taking commissions should the notion strike you and I'll be showing work once again in this year's Saturation Fest in Riverside, CA.

Follow and stay up on upcoming issues of Dark Mouse and 140.

See you soon, Internet.