Dec 1, 2011

Art Shows and 30 Character Auctions

Hey, guys. Been working on the show for January. Got a long road ahead but I'm making steady progress. The Riverside Arts Council is making this a fun space to work in and I've called in some big guns to make this a memorable show. I hope I can do them justice.

In other news, I've been working with Dale Wilson of DWAP Productions on a weekly comic project at Magnificent Creatures among other things. I've also drawn a few characters for the kind Jamie Gambell (writer of Omnitarium and The Hero Code, to boot) as he was (and I vicariously) participating in the "30 Characters in November" project. He set out to materialize 30 original characters within the time frame of November's 30 days and I was lucky enough to help out on a few. Here's some of them:

This inspired me to draw 30 characters from geek lore throughout the month (see if you know what film or story I've gathered them from). I'm traditionally one to bite off more than I can chew (bad for business) and ended up drawing ten. These are up for auction and you should totally pick one up for friends who are art enthusiasts or geek enthusiasts or art geeks or people that appreciate things. I'll be using profits to buy people Christmas gifts. Let that guilt weigh heavy on your soul! Enjoy:
R. J. MacReady - click here to bid

Chief of Skull Island - click here to bid

Have you seen Game of Thrones? Have you even SEEN it?! Well, I haven't but I made this drawing.Eddard Stark - click here to bid

Good cop.
Rick Grimes - click here to bid

More games I haven't watched.
Daenerys Targaryen - click here to bid

Nyan Cat - click here to bid

Mega Man - click here to bid

Link - click here to bid

Shaun of the Dead - click here to bid

Yeah, some of these aren't really "characters" but they hold a certain place in geek culture which is good enough for me. Each of the above drawings is 4" x 4" and done on paper. Cop a nice frame at your local retailer.

Show your friends. Stay awesome, everyone.

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