Nov 7, 2011

Press & Solo Shows

Hey, guys. Announcement of the day: I've a solo art show in Riverside, CA on January 20, 2012. I've got a lot of work to do and it should be a lot of fun. More updates as events unfold.

In the spirit of promotion, Evan Spears and I were interviewed at the Long Beach Comic Convention by We Unite Entertainment. Here are those interviews in that order:

Big thanks to Mark at WE-U.

We also had a run-in with LA Weekly's Lizziest writer, Liz Ohanesian. Always a pleasure. Read her words.

Visited Comikaze Expo as well this past weekend. It was nice to go as a fan for a change. I'll be registering for a table there as soon as they're available. Make sure you're there for the annual migration of the Elviras:

They probably won't migrate in 2012 as this was Elvira's last con appearance. You should attend anyways for the substantial amount of creators and panels they were able to pull. Impressive, guys.

Also, Ice was there! No one dresses as Ice! Coooool...

Picked up some comics (gasp!) including but not limited to the new I, Vampire and the first Surrogates TPB. Both good reads (duh).

I'm working on comics sparsely as I prep for January but 140 #5 and new Dark Mouse are definitely in the works along with a few others that I can't name at this point. Make sure you're reading Magnificent Creatures.

Catch me at KGB Gallery in LA for their closing reception on November 25th. Scoping out Nuke The Fridge right now.

Stay up.

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