Nov 9, 2011

Bad Art and Good Drawings (bad teaching)

Hey, everybody. Bad art lesson in vicinity. Prepare for preaching: I'm approached with two comments regarding art pretty consistently. Probably more specifically about drawing. People always feel it necessary to relay the idea that they "can't/don't know how to draw" or "drawing is hard."

If you seek a good retort to these statements you may want to navigate away from this blog. I'm no expert on the subject. I draw. I studied drawing. I am occasionally commissioned to do so. I don't have a teaching credential. People aren't clamoring after my lessons (if indeed I had any). Compelled though, I am, to disclose my response to these people (I am also clearly not the most cunning linguist).

I interpret drawing as communication. Hieroglyphics and cave paintings were used to communicate. Drawings and images are ideas illustrated to allow our minds to grasp something someone else is trying to say. They can't put it into words OR it is BETTER communicated through an image.

People assume that you must be talented to draw. Not true. If you're looking to develop a masterpiece rendering with intricate details and abstract metaphors then you may need some practice and time. If you want to communicate a basic idea, a good drawing is not out of reach.

What do you see here?

That's right, it's a brothel. No? Didn't guess brothel? Did I not communicate this idea clearly to you? Damn. I had this idea and I tried to relay it to you through an image without words. It appears I have failed. This was bad communication on my part. That was a BAD DRAWING.

What about here?

If your mind wandered ANYWHERE near the inklings stick figure, man, ugly stick figure, or person, you have grasped the idea I was trying to convey in the image. I wanted to draw a man, stick figure, or person. I wanted to show THAT to you and by you UNDERSTANDING that, you have affirmed that I've communicated clearly. THAT is a GOOD DRAWING.

Drawing doesn't have to be beautiful. It has to communicate clearly.

That's only one aspect of drawing. A basic one.


Stay up.

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