Nov 10, 2011

30 Characters... Kind of

November is "30 Characters in 30 Days" month in the INDYstry. I have a lot of work to do besides this but it seems doable. Stipulation is to come up with your OWN characters. That is a difficult feat to be sure. I'm going to opt for something a little different:

I'll attempt 30 small drawings of characters that I am a fan of. I'm using the terms "characters" and "fans" quite loosely. I'll put each one up for sale on ebay (or some other online venue should I find one more apt) once I've posted it here.

Don't expect some shitty drawing of Elvis or Marilyn Monroe (although I suppose those would definitely move). DO expect nerd/geek movement characters. That will be more fun for me. I want to have fun and I want the work to show it. Christmas is coming up, guys. Buy some for your friends.

Here's a teaser:

Now taking commissions so hit me with a special request should the notion arise.

Stay up.

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