Nov 10, 2011

30 Characters... Kind of

November is "30 Characters in 30 Days" month in the INDYstry. I have a lot of work to do besides this but it seems doable. Stipulation is to come up with your OWN characters. That is a difficult feat to be sure. I'm going to opt for something a little different:

I'll attempt 30 small drawings of characters that I am a fan of. I'm using the terms "characters" and "fans" quite loosely. I'll put each one up for sale on ebay (or some other online venue should I find one more apt) once I've posted it here.

Don't expect some shitty drawing of Elvis or Marilyn Monroe (although I suppose those would definitely move). DO expect nerd/geek movement characters. That will be more fun for me. I want to have fun and I want the work to show it. Christmas is coming up, guys. Buy some for your friends.

Here's a teaser:

Now taking commissions so hit me with a special request should the notion arise.

Stay up.

Nov 9, 2011

Bad Art and Good Drawings (bad teaching)

Hey, everybody. Bad art lesson in vicinity. Prepare for preaching: I'm approached with two comments regarding art pretty consistently. Probably more specifically about drawing. People always feel it necessary to relay the idea that they "can't/don't know how to draw" or "drawing is hard."

If you seek a good retort to these statements you may want to navigate away from this blog. I'm no expert on the subject. I draw. I studied drawing. I am occasionally commissioned to do so. I don't have a teaching credential. People aren't clamoring after my lessons (if indeed I had any). Compelled though, I am, to disclose my response to these people (I am also clearly not the most cunning linguist).

I interpret drawing as communication. Hieroglyphics and cave paintings were used to communicate. Drawings and images are ideas illustrated to allow our minds to grasp something someone else is trying to say. They can't put it into words OR it is BETTER communicated through an image.

People assume that you must be talented to draw. Not true. If you're looking to develop a masterpiece rendering with intricate details and abstract metaphors then you may need some practice and time. If you want to communicate a basic idea, a good drawing is not out of reach.

What do you see here?

That's right, it's a brothel. No? Didn't guess brothel? Did I not communicate this idea clearly to you? Damn. I had this idea and I tried to relay it to you through an image without words. It appears I have failed. This was bad communication on my part. That was a BAD DRAWING.

What about here?

If your mind wandered ANYWHERE near the inklings stick figure, man, ugly stick figure, or person, you have grasped the idea I was trying to convey in the image. I wanted to draw a man, stick figure, or person. I wanted to show THAT to you and by you UNDERSTANDING that, you have affirmed that I've communicated clearly. THAT is a GOOD DRAWING.

Drawing doesn't have to be beautiful. It has to communicate clearly.

That's only one aspect of drawing. A basic one.


Stay up.

Nov 7, 2011

Press & Solo Shows

Hey, guys. Announcement of the day: I've a solo art show in Riverside, CA on January 20, 2012. I've got a lot of work to do and it should be a lot of fun. More updates as events unfold.

In the spirit of promotion, Evan Spears and I were interviewed at the Long Beach Comic Convention by We Unite Entertainment. Here are those interviews in that order:

Big thanks to Mark at WE-U.

We also had a run-in with LA Weekly's Lizziest writer, Liz Ohanesian. Always a pleasure. Read her words.

Visited Comikaze Expo as well this past weekend. It was nice to go as a fan for a change. I'll be registering for a table there as soon as they're available. Make sure you're there for the annual migration of the Elviras:

They probably won't migrate in 2012 as this was Elvira's last con appearance. You should attend anyways for the substantial amount of creators and panels they were able to pull. Impressive, guys.

Also, Ice was there! No one dresses as Ice! Coooool...

Picked up some comics (gasp!) including but not limited to the new I, Vampire and the first Surrogates TPB. Both good reads (duh).

I'm working on comics sparsely as I prep for January but 140 #5 and new Dark Mouse are definitely in the works along with a few others that I can't name at this point. Make sure you're reading Magnificent Creatures.

Catch me at KGB Gallery in LA for their closing reception on November 25th. Scoping out Nuke The Fridge right now.

Stay up.

Nov 4, 2011

LBCC Recap 2011

Last weekend I attended the reception of Behind the Curtain at Soundbite Studios in LA as well as exhibited in artist alley at Long Beach Comic Con. Let's take a look at some pics.

As always, the Soundbite show was curated by the man, Joshua Keen Valencia. He was inspired to create a show on one canvas with many different artists. Turned out quite well. If you're STILL not aware of Josh, you will be. I guarantee it.
Sarah Amarin
Nick Bahula is dead.
Andrea Ueda (with presentation by Evan Spears)
A place to be.
The man himself: Joshua Keen Valencia.

Although I had work up at KGB in LA as well I didn't make it to that show. The closing on November 25 sounds promising :)

Besides, I DID enjoy a full weekend of nerdism at LONG BEACH COMIC CON! Evan Spears and I traversed the terrain yet again. Enjoy these tasty morsels below.

Some quality cosplaying:

Wonder Woman stopped by our table for a "Better Sketch" which Evan or I will do for a slightly higher fee than your standard "Sketch." This woman knows quality sketches. Evan turned this out......and I this:
Another Better Sketch:
I also built a formidable (if I don't say so myself) PVC shirt rack/sign holder (after some obligatory failed attempts). Here's a sign we made the night before in our hotel room:
Line to get in:
A raffle winner:
Patrons :)

Zombie vomit:This man, is by far, the busiest I've grown up watching and ever had to run to get a picture with. I once hopped over some chairs at a panel to get a sketch and photo from the master Jim Lee. THIS man? I stammered. HARD. I knew he would be at the con for a panel (which I didn't make) and as luck would have it, I saw him on the way to my booth. I thought, "Holy shit. That's Seth Green. Quick! Get a photo with him." He was being attentive to friends and I was standing there like an idiot with a nerd boner. We totally saw each other and as I stood there like an idiot and said nothing he walked away. Embarrassing. Awkward. Super fucking lame. Totally froze up. That was a bummer.

Anyway, after that I manned up to every other opportunity (big or small) I had that day and as luck would have it, guess who I saw dashing down our aisle in yet another hurry: Seth Green. Totally stopped that dude for a photo. Actually, it was more like, "Hey, dude. Sorry to bother yo-" and in a hushed, bearded and hatted voice (I can only assume so no one would recognize him and stop him for photos) Seth Green said, "It'scoolIt'scoolIt'scoolIsitonIsitonC'mereGetreadyAlrightHowisitDoublecheckDoublecheckIsitgoodIsitgood?"

And with that, he was gone. The whole time we never once stopped moving. Notice how both of our arms are out? He had to take control and shoot the photo himself. It felt like a scene from the Graduate. That's how often he takes these photos. That's how skilled he is at taking them.
One day I will be able to hold engaging conversation with interesting people I look up to. For now, I have a picture with Seth Green and it is good.
The next event I had tasked myself with was moderating a panel: standing in front of an audience and guiding a conversation between professionals I had invited to share their knowledge with said audience. I didn't fall on my face or cause a proverbial train wreck and aside from some technical difficulties (and a room change) everything went off without a hitch for a last-minute panel. My guests were super insightful and I had a great time learning more about them and their work and new perspectives on the online arena and comics. This photo is LITERALLY, the panel guests and nearly half the audience:
Special thanks to all the panel people from left to right: Sheika Lugtu, Jamie Gambell, Karl Altstaetter, Dale Wilson, and Evan Spears. Big ups to Forever Freshmen and Superhero Enterprises.

The end of the con provided one last Better Sketch:
Yes, she had a tattoo. No, I couldn't see it properly. I normally ask to take a photo of a patron (see above) but this time my patrons offered to take a photo with me (never happens)! I guess it's happened:
Sustenance was required after a long weekend of conning. What better fuel than a pie?

Not just any pie. Evan ordered some Anchovy and Salami combo whilst I opted for fruit: sausage and mandarin oranges. Yes, sausage is a fruit. We were quite proud of our choices (we take our victories as we can) as they had never been ordered before and we set a new standard for "crazy" at Sharky's in Long Beach. I urge you to order these pizzas. Beware: they are fucking great.

That was Long Beach. A good time to be sure. Dark Mouse came, saw, and conquered the hearts of those that read his story. He shall return. More than likely in some online incarnation. 140 continues in at least one more foreseeable issue and hopefully something more. In lieu of these, please accept pics from the days following the convention:

The Dia de los Muertos celebration in Riverside gets bigger every year. This year was by far the best in my opinion. Contact Division 9 Gallery for more information.
Breakfast has been killing me so good.
Tentative solo show approaching in January. Comics possibly on hold until that's up. More updates as events unfold. I'll see you at Comikaze.