Oct 4, 2011

Excite & Install

Sup, dudes and dudettes? Welcome to another exciting installment of the Eyedraugh blog, where we both excite AND install. First and firstmost, the 4th issue of the comic book 140 is here and up for sale. Click away to your heart's content. As always, leave a comment to contribute to the next issue or tweet me. All contributions must be 140 characters or less and I reserve the right to totally use them all and give you credit for them. Feast:Here's the actual LAST of my SOME COOL DUDES tee run which sold out at the West Hollywood Book Fair this past weekend. That's right: I sold more clothing than literature at a book fair. Go figure. I should like to print another run as people seemed to dig them. Hustle:While at the fair I joined forces with Evan Spears once again and Sheika Lugtu for the first time to drop bombs on the fair. Dropping was had. A special thanks to the following people (and some not pictured) who totally gave me money for my creations. Much obliged:

Also while at the fair, I was invited to panel at the Long Beach Comic Convention. Nothing is confirmed yet (hopefully soon to change) but it was totally sweet to be asked to prom.

I'm also starting to seriously prep for a show in Riverside this January. Stay up on that.

The promo video explaining the submission process to 140 is complete and waiting on musical permission. Less waiting is to be had now.

Also, looking at education once again. Strong believer.

Long Beach Comic Con shall see the triumphant return of Evan, Sheika, and I in blazes of various glories.

Lastly and lastmost, here's some funny/cool images I snapped from a comp screen this week. If you don't agree with me, then you're probably normal:

Ha. Nice one.

Stay up.


  1. I don't know if I tell you enough...actually, don't know if I've ever told you (which would mean I certainly don't tell you enough), but I love your blog Nathaniel Osollo.