Sep 14, 2011

August Burned

Been busier than I thought. Having a real job takes up a lot of time = lame. Still making things = rad.

Here's a photo sent in by one awesome patron of the arts. Jacob Sirof snapped this pic up of his daughter and a cutout I originally included in an installation in Corona. Aptly dubbed "Take Your Photo With Me," is a project where I will release miscellaneous works into the wild after they've performed their duties as part of a larger work. Re-appropriated and re-purposed. Take that, hippies. Stay awesome, Wynter.
Here's the original installation:
I threw that piece in the Chain Letter show in Santa Monica. You know the one. Written about by art21? The exhibition that everybody and their father was in? No, literally. I made my dad submit this VHS box he drew on years ago while I was quite young.
Last wisdom teeth.
Tiny grasshopper.
William Boddy had TWO chandeliers?! IN HIS BATHROOM?!
Tio's Tacos birthday dinner. Thanks, guys.

Birthday dinner in Downtown before Cirque du Soleil.
Drawing on a leaf.
I still ate here. A little conflicted about it being one of the best burritos I've ever had. Haven't eaten there since.

This is a piece I did at the J-Town Summer Sessions (promo'd in my last blog entry) which was painted under the blazing sun whilst I attained mad burns and blisters. No pain, no art. No, wait...Below are some snaps from Descanso Gardens: a good place for dates and to make you want to garden until you realize how lazy you are.

Scoped the MOCA Graffiti Exhibit on the last day (thanks, Banksy). By far, one of the most comprehensive visual collections of the history of street art that has ever been assembled. That's right: I've seen them all and have complete authority to say that. View these pics that don't do the works justice and STILL be amazed by said work:

I was in a show by the same name as that title! Cue the Twilight Zone music.
Just figured out how to display my sketchbooks :)

This dude was outside hustling. Don't hate the player or his game. Hate yourself for not hustling as hard. Then, get off your ass.
Black widow eggs.

One pissed off bitch and her baby daddy.
C'mon, you know it's funny.

Pupusas, son.
Indoor wall-painting with kids. They's cool.
Was recently contacted by Dripp of the Espresso Republic. They wanted to commission some work. I knocked this out to seal the deal.
Notes on fridges.

Chill with friends near a lake. It's fun.
The last known photo of my brother. He's alive and well. This is just the last photo of him I know about.
Saw a show by someone named Tim Burton at LACMA. I know, I haven't heard of him either.
More fun with friends.
Latest piece in process. It's finished now and will be exhibited this Saturday. Go see it, San Diego. There are a ton of other artists involved that are way cooler than me too. Eh,... you can skip that video.
This is Ivan. He lasted a day in my care.
Just to make sure we're all on the same page, you're all going to go see some awesome work at From Behind the Curtain in San Diego on September 17th curated by the incomparable Joshua Valencia.

On October 2nd you should all visit Evan Spears, Sheika Lugtu, and myself at The West Hollywood Book Fair.

Certainly check out the free-every-thursday comic at Magnificent Creatures written by Dale Wilson and drawn by yours truly. We're making it up as we go and I gotta say it's good fun. Not to mention a flattering post by J. over at MC.

Fontana is also having free events almost every weekend this month.

140 issue #4 is off at the printer's and I'm stoked to knock out more things. Stay awesome.

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