Jul 31, 2011

An Opinion for A Change

I'm going to talk about where I was raised: Fontana, CA. If you've heard of Fontana you more than likely heard some poor description or lackluster tale about "a good place to leave." I'm guilty of perpetuating these stories myself as are many good friends.

As I've grown so too has a sense of pride that I never had. I admire the community. It's a good place. The stories you may have heard sell the city short. There are things happening and moreover there is potential. There is opportunity.

I am genuinely disappointed when people demean the city that I've grown in because I am a part of it. As of this writing, if you were to Google "Fontana," one of the highest links leads to a video: reporter Leanne Suter is struck by a BB gun pellet while reporting in Fontana.

She is safe and police have made arrests. I'm genuinely glad this story was told. However, I wish that other stories about Fontana were told. Yesterday, one of the largest art events I've seen the city organize was held: Arts Festival. All summer, Movie Mondays and Summer Concerts have blossomed in nearly every park in the community.

I realize that, to an extent, I'm perpetuating ill stories once again but I'm also setting a goal to do a little good: I aim to start promoting positive news and develop a more appealing description of Fontana. Along the way I'm sure I'll find more opportunities to do a little good in the community.

This August 2nd and 5th, Fontana celebrates National Night Out and Cruise Night, respectively. I'll be at both events.

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