Jun 10, 2011

Treat IV Your Gland

One week away from T4YG. Let's meet the team:

Joshua Keen Valencia was created by injecting a lobster with the DNA of villainous figures like Genghis Khan and Captain Blood.

A former lab assistant to the mad scientist Baxter Stockman, Andrea Ueda is a plucky human companion.

As leader of the Autobots, Jason Pierce has dedicated himself to a life of stopping the Decepticons wherever they attack.

A'misa Chiu absorbs powers, memories, and personalities through skin-to-skin contact. Prolonged contact with others can cause her to permanently absorb their traits and potentially kill them.

Alex Chiu has the ability to rearrange the atomic and subatomic structure of matter, rearranging subatomic particles to create objects of different atomic characteristics of equal mass.

Jesus Cruz Jr. is "the most powerful man in the universe" and the alter-ego of 16-year-old Prince Adam.

Buny is highly adventurous and impulsive. She constantly wants to get into the action.

The titular humanoid extraterrestrial, Cosme Cordova is member of a warrior race which hunts aggressive members of other species for sport, uses active camouflage, a plasma weapon and can see the infrared spectrum.

Join us all on June 17 at Jolly Jogurt (16391 Sierra Lakes Parkway, Fontana, CA) from 7p - 10p for painting and yogurt and thangs (especially thangs).

Cosme Cordova photographed by Rachel Murillo

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