Jun 19, 2011

The Past Week

Busy week. Started with a community art show with prizes in Corona. Took 3rd place. Stoked.
The gallery I intern at allowed me to utilize a window space at the same show for a simple installation. Double stoked:
Made a Green Lantern print. Still have to see the film. Heard it sucked. Doesn't mean my print has to:
Up for sale soon. Held a small live-art event called Treat IV Your Gland. Turned this:
...into this:
It was there that I painted this:
I'd like to thank all the artists that came out and participated in the event. Truly a team effort and we were able to bring a lot of people out. Of course, I'd like to thank all the patrons that came to see us.

On a sad note, the event was shut down just shy of the actual scheduled end time due to some "safety issue." No worries. We meant to hold a live-art event in Fontana and bring people out to see it. That was accomplished. Good work, everyone. Visit Jolly Jogurt and eat their yogurt.

Time to get back to my previously set goals for the year: completing my comic book 140 and publishing my first sketchbook. Work has been attained. Things to do seem to pile even though things have been accomplished. Stay awesome.

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