May 3, 2011

WWA Recap & Thangs

Last weekend I tabled at Wizard World Anaheim 2011. First time for everything. Saw some familiar faces and hopefully in the future will see a lot more. Here's a sandwich I ate. Fuck those hotel food prices.
Staples of the comic convention crowd:
Pretty rad shirt I was lucky enough to draw on!
That's me in the bottom right!
I sat beside one Nat Gertler. Nice guy and an Eisner Award nominee as I understand it. Enjoy this super creepy photo of him.
To my starboard side (fuck you, fact-checkers) sat the enjoyable Neil Segura and Ray Mendivil. This is the duo behind the comic Forever Freshman. Nice guys. Cool comic. If you like fun comics or ever wondered what those band geeks from high school are doing, this book is for you. Spoiler alert: they're making comics. Here's me as I read the book.

No, I remember I was happier than that. There we go.

The homies came out to table with me.
So I was stoked on the news that the Power Rangers (of the Mighty Morphin' persuasion) would attend this convention. I made a drawing early last week that I turned into a print titled "Some Cool Dudes" for the con. More importantly, I included the Black Ranger on that print. Guess who I found and totally gave my print to? I gave Walter Emanuel Jones one of those prints because I grew up on that guy. One day I'll (actually) grow up. Until then, I'm gonna keep drawing Power Rangers.
Scratch one off the bucket list. Really nice dude. He gave me one of his prints in return (I'm gonna frame that shit). Also, I walked up JUST as he was answering the question that you all want to ask him (which he apparently gets a lot): "Was it racism that lead to the Black Ranger being a black guy?" The answer is legit. I won't bore you with it (I'd probably get some facts wrong anyhow). Short answer: "No."

Thank you to everyone who came through to the convention. Nothing is set in stone but I may be at Wizard World Los Angeles in September this year (and I've totally asked for a panel there).

A tremendous "Thank you" to all of these people:

Lastly, I'm really not adept at this "internet" thing so I'll respond to some recent comments here:

Jazzmine- No problem. Email me a pic! As far as Kid with a Cape, ask the homie Dcastr.

Nelius- Likewise. Got you guys in here. Stay up! Rock hard at SDCC.

ALSO lastly, join me at 4 Color Fantasies this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day won't you? Yes. Yes, you will.

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  1. If it's not racist that he ended up being the black ranger, then how do you explain Trini being the yellow ranger? Glad the black ranger is still alive and doing something cool with his early success. Would be a real disappointment if all the rangers went the way of Jason and Trini - gay porn star and dead, respectively.