Apr 23, 2011

LBCEx 2011

So it was that the Long Beach Comic Expo came and went. A smaller con to be sure. Yet not one to be underestimated.

Evan Spears, James Mitchell and myself came, saw, and conquered.

Here's some people who were nice enough to sacrifice their hard-earned green for some comics:

Sporting the pink top is our contest winner, "Baby Dee (Day?)." I don't know either but she was cool enough to let me teach her how to use her phone to follow us via twitter. Consequently, she won our contest!
This dude was obviously on break and walked in with his partner. Neither one of them knew what the hell to make of the convention but it was pretty nice of them to support the con.

I haven't done a commission in such a long time. So fun. A couple of girls told us that they were looking for drawings of the mutant Gambit. They asked if we had seen one to which we denied but added, "We could draw one for you." I totally drew Gambit and they came back to ask for "Rogue on a bicycle."

Follow Evan Spears and I via twitter: @erspears and @eyedraugh respectively.

Thank you, Long Beach. You were too kind. Come to Wizard World Anaheim this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get your copies of 140, The Burn Issue, and a con-EXCLUSIVE copy of 140, issue 1 (super-crazy rare)!

Stay awesome.

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  1. thanks so much for the Rogue,i framed it.Is there a kid with a cape #2, yet