Apr 27, 2011

(Off To See the) Wizard (A Whole New) World

Evan Spears and I were quite lucky to be interviewed by the lovely, Liz Ohanesian during Long Beach Comic Expo last weekend. Check out her work at LA Weekly and some clean photos by Dianne Garcia. Here's one now:

Working on some prints for Wizard World Anaheim. Go to there. I'll have shirts, prints, comics, super RARE comics, stickers, probably more other stuff I've forgotten to mention, AND I'll be doing commissions. Come see me at Booth 1912.

Stay up, Internet. Meet me in Anaheim.

1 comment:

  1. Hey man, it was awesome meeting you at anaheim. I dig the comic, it's a trip. I love the art and the concept. I'll post a blog about it soon.

    Neil Segura
    Forever Freshman