Mar 6, 2011

Food and Ills

So I'll be attending what's been dubbed the "Halfway Con" at the Long Beach Convention Center with the relentless Evan Spears. We'll be wheelin' and dealin' and most other "ins" you can think of... Mostly sellin' and drawin' comics.

Here's some shots of things I ate earlier today at a walking LA food tour. Yes, it was awesome as it sounds and our tour was in Little Tokyo. An art prof even gave the tour so I was stoked for that. Also, food. Food.

This is a pin-up for DCastr's book: Kid With A Cape. It's a good, short read if you get the chance. Snatch one up. Also, he's below with fellow contributing artist to 140 #3 Andrea Ueda. She introduced us to Holê Molê. Fish burrito, son. Yes.

This story of this Boogey Man tattoo was personally interesting. Apparently, this man's son couldn't sleep due to the horrible creature occupying his closet. His dad told him to draw the monster. The kid obliged. His dad secretly acquired the illustration and had it tattooed into his skin. He explained to his son, "The Boogey Man won't be bothering you anymore. I caught him and I put him in my boot. He's on my leg now and can't hurt you." After seeing the mark, the kid gave his dad a funny, skeptical look but from then on, he wasn't afraid of a monster in his closet.

I enjoy the story because of the cheese it comes with but also because the illustration becomes something tangible and something so much more than a drawing. It isn't a symbol of the monster once it's on the father's leg. It IS the monster. Captured. Tagged. Put on display. The genie of the lamp. What validates that is the fact that the child doesn't fear it anymore. The illustration had an effect on someone's life. Not because it was a drawing or a symbol but because it was actually a monster.

And if you want to break it down on a physics level, honor the idea that matter cannot exist in two places at once. No matter is ever really destroyed, only changed. The monster exists on a leg but he could not have simply appeared. He existed in the closet before. He was and is real. The monster on the leg is REAL and WAS the monster in the closet because the monster in the closet isn't there anymore.

I'm reading way too far into this.
Also, Stallone's badassery in Cobra made a lasting impression on me. I succumb to my childish impulses.

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