Mar 11, 2011

Draw Music

Tell me-TELL me you've heard of Adam Warrock and the Infinity Watch. Oh, I know. I was just making sure you had heard. Dude's coming to LA. No joke. April 11th, all kinds of bliss for your ears hits that'll meltdown your face at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd. 10 bucks at the door and the awesome starts at 8.

In other music related news: Here's a couple of links to a little CD known as Psychobabble.

One and two.

I coordinated a Tweet and Win album artwork contest last year and The Alien Mike E.T. won a free custom illustration to promote his music however he would like. Here's the work a bit larger than in the links.

Going to San Diego this weekend. Dropping off some paintings and hitting the Pomona artwalk afterward. Hustle and support the homies. I'll work to have #TheBurnIssue available at Out From Underground 2. Looking forward to the Long Beach Comic Expo #LBCEx and Free Comic Book day.

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