Mar 23, 2011

Comics Online and...A New Con???

140 issue #1 is officially up for sale on the interwebz! Buy it at indyplanet or buy it at comicsmonkey. Actually, it's the same price at both stores but with indyplanet I get a bigger percent of the profit, so you should totally buy it at indyplanet!

Issues #2 and #3 of 140 are also printing so get those this April (very soon)!
As soon as I'm out of all my copies of The Burn Issue that will also go up online.

I'm working on issue #4 of 140 right now so if you'd like to contribute a tweet or quote, get in touch with me any way you can. Remember, it's got to be 140 characters or less. In other news, I guess I should list all my events I've got lined up in for the month of April. So, catch me at:

Soundbite Studios - Apr,16
Tuesday Nights LA - Apr,19

Holy shit! Maybe, just MAYBE, Anaheim Comic Con! Not set in stone. Cross your fingers for me. More updates as events unfold...

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