Mar 4, 2011

Comics Burn

Welcome, one and all to the rare and elusive creature known as "A New Blog Post." Many things doing this month (or at the very least some).

First and firstmost, I'm signing comics, drawing things, and chilling with the best-served-chilled artist DCastr at Pulp Fiction in Long Beach. Looking forward to meeting some artists/cool folk at their "Indie Day" event (March 5th). Support the "indies" in this #INDIEstry.

Second and secondmost, I'll be showing paintings at Mosaic in San Diego on March 19th with the homies Joshua Valencia and Alex Chiu. Here's a web-ready image I've been instructed to use to promote said show:
Gonna be a fun one. Also, support the cause of autism research and the like! Dooo it.

Third and thirdmost, #TheBurnIssue (with bonus art by Evan Spears and Jan Remetir!) is finally in the mail and will be for sale in the coming days. A super rare and limited number of them will come signed and singed (upon request).

That's right: a comic about fire that I will burn (lightly) upon request making it an originally charred and readable work of art (probably not the best option for archival-minded folk). Have your fire-extinguishers ready.

Let's do this thing, March.

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