Mar 25, 2011

Pussy Shit and Excitement

In case you have a life and haven't already read my posts on facebook or twitter, it's been an exciting two days. It's probably not that big of a milestone to most but it's huge for me. You probably don't give a shit anyway, but I'm geeking on it (who loves repetition?).

I used to go to comic book conventions with friends and see these people I idolize(d) and get starstruck because I'm a huge fucking comics nerd. Not the historical, cataloging type (that didn't work out). I'm more a fan of the art form. When I see a quality book I go nuts. When I see the person that made it? Sweating, man. I get stupid starstruck. It's pretty pathetic. But these guys are masters of their craft and I cower when I stand in their shadow. On the plus side, most of them are the nicest people in the world. They're down to talk to you about something you both love (comics) or grab a beer with you. They appreciate the hustle because they all had to work to get to where they are. Those are the people that get invited to showcase their work.

This is Frank Cho. Draws women like nobody's business.

For the past couple of years, I haven't attended any convention in the recreational sense. I've sat at tables with good friends and tried to peddle my wares. Always buying in. Always splitting costs so we could afford to join the party. I'm always honored that my friends ask me to hustle with them.

By some magical-elf, mystical-creature-conjuring stroke of luck I was invited this year to Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con. I'm still not sure how but I'll find out. My work isn't at the caliber of the people I'm still nervous to meet but I'm working on it. It's an honor to be invited and I'm gonna keep hustling. I'm treating this like I don't know if I'll ever get invited again because I don't.

I want to draw and paint what I want and have something to show for it. I feel like I'm getting there but I've been wrong before.

Enough pussy shit! I'm going to Anaheim and I'm gonna ride that bitch hard. Selling comics, selling prints, selling shirts! Check out my sexy banner ad-->

What a naughty banner ad. There's one at the bottom of the page too. Scroll down if you're a horizontal fucking motherfucker.

CORRECTED appearance/show dates:

Tuesday Nights LA-April 19
Soundbite Studios-April 23
Long Beach Comic Expo-April 23
Anaheim Wizard World Comic Con-April 29, 30, May 1

Be there or don't. Those are your only options.

Mar 23, 2011

Comics Online and...A New Con???

140 issue #1 is officially up for sale on the interwebz! Buy it at indyplanet or buy it at comicsmonkey. Actually, it's the same price at both stores but with indyplanet I get a bigger percent of the profit, so you should totally buy it at indyplanet!

Issues #2 and #3 of 140 are also printing so get those this April (very soon)!
As soon as I'm out of all my copies of The Burn Issue that will also go up online.

I'm working on issue #4 of 140 right now so if you'd like to contribute a tweet or quote, get in touch with me any way you can. Remember, it's got to be 140 characters or less. In other news, I guess I should list all my events I've got lined up in for the month of April. So, catch me at:

Soundbite Studios - Apr,16
Tuesday Nights LA - Apr,19

Holy shit! Maybe, just MAYBE, Anaheim Comic Con! Not set in stone. Cross your fingers for me. More updates as events unfold...

Mar 14, 2011

Sandy Eggo

I didn't earn one o' them fancy bizness degrees but I think I'd like to know the people who read my comics.

Therefore, I'm initiating the Show Me Your Comics campaign. Take a picture of you reading one of my comics: 140 or The Burn Issue (or comics from your personal collection why the hell not?) and I'll post it on my twitter page and here on my blog. Tell your friends. Start snapping pics and sending 'em my way.

I just found All City brand spray paint. Just in time too as Out From Underground 2 hits San Diego this Saturday. I follow that up with the Long Beach Comics Expo next month and Free Comic Book Day in May.

Go, San Diego! Go.

Mar 11, 2011

Draw Music

Tell me-TELL me you've heard of Adam Warrock and the Infinity Watch. Oh, I know. I was just making sure you had heard. Dude's coming to LA. No joke. April 11th, all kinds of bliss for your ears hits that'll meltdown your face at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd. 10 bucks at the door and the awesome starts at 8.

In other music related news: Here's a couple of links to a little CD known as Psychobabble.

One and two.

I coordinated a Tweet and Win album artwork contest last year and The Alien Mike E.T. won a free custom illustration to promote his music however he would like. Here's the work a bit larger than in the links.

Going to San Diego this weekend. Dropping off some paintings and hitting the Pomona artwalk afterward. Hustle and support the homies. I'll work to have #TheBurnIssue available at Out From Underground 2. Looking forward to the Long Beach Comic Expo #LBCEx and Free Comic Book day.

Mar 10, 2011

Burn Down the Expo

This sexy beast arrived at my doorstep two days ago. They are officially for sale at $3.50 per and directly through me so if you want 'em: tell me. We'll paypal it up. Otherwise...

Hit me up at the Long Beach Comic Expo, April 23. I'm scouting some online vendors for the book as well as digital venues. Let's hope you get it soon enough 'cause hard copies are super limited. Stay tuned folks.

And for all you tweeting mofos: 140 #3 is FINALLY almost done! I can fucking taste that bitch.

In fact? Start tweeting #4words at me! Any tweet tagged with #4words is likely to get in the book!

Tastes good.

Mar 6, 2011

Food and Ills

So I'll be attending what's been dubbed the "Halfway Con" at the Long Beach Convention Center with the relentless Evan Spears. We'll be wheelin' and dealin' and most other "ins" you can think of... Mostly sellin' and drawin' comics.

Here's some shots of things I ate earlier today at a walking LA food tour. Yes, it was awesome as it sounds and our tour was in Little Tokyo. An art prof even gave the tour so I was stoked for that. Also, food. Food.

This is a pin-up for DCastr's book: Kid With A Cape. It's a good, short read if you get the chance. Snatch one up. Also, he's below with fellow contributing artist to 140 #3 Andrea Ueda. She introduced us to HolĂȘ MolĂȘ. Fish burrito, son. Yes.

This story of this Boogey Man tattoo was personally interesting. Apparently, this man's son couldn't sleep due to the horrible creature occupying his closet. His dad told him to draw the monster. The kid obliged. His dad secretly acquired the illustration and had it tattooed into his skin. He explained to his son, "The Boogey Man won't be bothering you anymore. I caught him and I put him in my boot. He's on my leg now and can't hurt you." After seeing the mark, the kid gave his dad a funny, skeptical look but from then on, he wasn't afraid of a monster in his closet.

I enjoy the story because of the cheese it comes with but also because the illustration becomes something tangible and something so much more than a drawing. It isn't a symbol of the monster once it's on the father's leg. It IS the monster. Captured. Tagged. Put on display. The genie of the lamp. What validates that is the fact that the child doesn't fear it anymore. The illustration had an effect on someone's life. Not because it was a drawing or a symbol but because it was actually a monster.

And if you want to break it down on a physics level, honor the idea that matter cannot exist in two places at once. No matter is ever really destroyed, only changed. The monster exists on a leg but he could not have simply appeared. He existed in the closet before. He was and is real. The monster on the leg is REAL and WAS the monster in the closet because the monster in the closet isn't there anymore.

I'm reading way too far into this.
Also, Stallone's badassery in Cobra made a lasting impression on me. I succumb to my childish impulses.

Mar 4, 2011

Comics Burn

Welcome, one and all to the rare and elusive creature known as "A New Blog Post." Many things doing this month (or at the very least some).

First and firstmost, I'm signing comics, drawing things, and chilling with the best-served-chilled artist DCastr at Pulp Fiction in Long Beach. Looking forward to meeting some artists/cool folk at their "Indie Day" event (March 5th). Support the "indies" in this #INDIEstry.

Second and secondmost, I'll be showing paintings at Mosaic in San Diego on March 19th with the homies Joshua Valencia and Alex Chiu. Here's a web-ready image I've been instructed to use to promote said show:
Gonna be a fun one. Also, support the cause of autism research and the like! Dooo it.

Third and thirdmost, #TheBurnIssue (with bonus art by Evan Spears and Jan Remetir!) is finally in the mail and will be for sale in the coming days. A super rare and limited number of them will come signed and singed (upon request).

That's right: a comic about fire that I will burn (lightly) upon request making it an originally charred and readable work of art (probably not the best option for archival-minded folk). Have your fire-extinguishers ready.

Let's do this thing, March.