Dec 6, 2010

Submit to 140 Issue #3

Time to start submitting tweets @eyedraugh to build the written content for issue 3 of 140! And they'll start being accepted today at 3pm (wish I would have thought about this on 12/3)! As far as rules for this ish go: reference the number 3 if you can. I dare you. Examples? Fo sho:

Send me the 3rd tweet you sent out today. <--Good one if you're not feeling creative.

March is the 3rd month. Say something about what happened in march.

"#" is the symbol that appears when you hit Shift + 3. Throw a hashtag in there and maybe you don't have to reference "3."

Tell me about what happened on the 3rd this month.

Three things you heard today.

3rd favorite song lyric?

Quote someone with 3 letters in their name.

Link me to a pic that references 3.

Or mayb3 just typ3 what3v3r you want lik3 this.

Remember, 3 o'clock! Tweet @eyedraugh! Go! Now! (or after 3)

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