Nov 2, 2010

140 Issue #2: The Sequel

I wanted to release the second issue of 140 today because it's the 2nd of the month and a Tuesday and I enjoy the spelling of the fake word: Twosday. So, in the sequel to issue 1 I'm utilizing quotes from movie sequels sent to me that were 140 characters or less. Check it out. Comment. Tweet. Tell the people.

(Did I mention it's free to print or download?)

Nov 1, 2010

LBCC 2010

As I type this I'm listening to More specifically a playlist titled "120 Minutes, Forever: Whatever, it's cool I guess." Splendora's intro song for Daria just came on...It's as if I'm listening to my early teen angst years...Or everything I remember hearing back then. In more other news, LONG BEACH COMIC CON!

Sorry I didn't update you folks that I would be there. A more specific post I lacked in updating my blog with. Been lagging it lately. I've let you, my thousands and thousands of fans, down. However, here's a full recap of my adventures there:

Got there roughly Thursday night and snapped up this doozy of the convention center which was attached (Yes!) to the hotel that Evan Spears and I stayed at. If you've never met Evan he's a comics making beast (to use one of his coined terms) and draws like nobody's business. We're both independent artists and we both dig comics so we work conventions together.

This here is the parking garage we got lost in. The levels don't match up with those of the hotel so we were a little turned around for a bit.
Found Cat Man Blu (sp?), a small jazz bar down the road, traded our respective comics that we'd peddle for the weekend.
Found some chocolate cake hidden in a tin-foil swan on the walk back to the hotel.
Set up a drawing studio for promo material.
Ah, old video store promo material. You're about to be improved...
The hotel staff was having a pumpkin carving contest. Gotta say they turned out some good stuff.
This man and his car were outside the convention every morning. He looks exactly like you picture the person that drives/built this car would look.
Hello there, handsome.
Nice set-up.
This is your market at a comics convention.
If you noticed in the "set-up" photo we had a sign dictating that people follow us on Twitter to be aware of contests and giveaways that we were conducting. First people to take advantage of this were the people behind @ComixCenter. Follow those guys and their podcast. Which by the way, we were interviewed on and I'll post when that's available and you can hear how terrible I am in interviews. Anyhow, they won some of our comics and t-shirts and stickers. Later on in the day it didn't seem like people were participating too much to our despair. THEN, it just so happens we saw Steve Niles (writer of the comic 30 Days of Night) walk past our table and we shouted for him to come over. He was super gracious and obliged. We talked about conventions and comics and what we had to offer. We said we were giving away stuff and he was even more gracious and became an impromptu winner of our giveaway by letting us dump all kinds of comics on him! Check out Steve Niles promoting 140 and Evan Spears' Doom Notes.
Stoked on this and up for anything, we heard that the local aquatic exhibit in town was throwing a party that night and we decided to crash it. Loaded on various amounts of alcohol we proceeded to get lost walking downtown and happened upon people exiting a movie screening. When we left the convention earlier that evening we had passed some lame actor, I had assumed (it was dark and I couldn't see them), who was shouting and trying to hustle people into his latest movie which the screening was for. Evan informed me that the actor from earlier was Tom Jane and he was making his directorial debut (I think) with the screening at the convention. I'm star struck pretty easily and a sucker for bad-ass comics movies and knowing Tom Jane is the Punisher I was kicking myself. But as we passed people exiting the theater we noticed the man himself was there THANKING people for coming out. This man does so much footwork for his projects and it's nice to see an actor so shameless and gracious to his fans. Even two nerds that totally didn't even watch the movie. Mad respect for Tom Jane.

On a side note, the next night we were nearing the exit of the convention center and who should we pass again but Tom Jane complete with unlit cigar in teeth. Hustling yet AGAIN to get people to the second screening of his flick Dark Country. I said, "Tom Jane, you kick ass!" He replied with, "Hey, thanks man," and shook my hand and kept walking. Fuck off, that was amazing for me.

Anyhow, we kept on searching for the local marine life exhibit and happened upon it just as the event was ending and people were leaving. Cover was twelve bucks and we probably wouldn't have been able to pay to get in anyways. So we walked in like we owned the place ignoring the doorman/woman's shouts. It was a nice set up. Cool exhibits, paintings on the walls, and a live band breaking down their equipment. Also, Data from the Goonies.

So as we saw people taking the paintings down, we asked how to get our paintings on the walls of the next party. We got business cards and names and connects. We'll be hitting them up shortly for an exhibit. AND they were handing out pumpkins as party favors. Free entry, cool fish, agreements, AND pumpkins? Win.
Here's some actual operating droids we saw the next day.
And some Joes

Rothko pumpkin.
Evan pigmentizing his.
Finished pumpkin prizes for our next contest winners.
So we came up with this idea for a swear jar where people would put money in for a drawing of their favorite curse word: commissioned swears. Not in the best taste but some people will totally pay money for this.

Had some prints available. There's one left and it's been painted with aerosol and donated to the ART VULUPS project. Google it.
Commissioned skull.
Pumpkin contest winner.
Hell yes. Duke Nukem.
Mick Foley!
Some Halloween/calavera mask winners.

Some more swears.
Evan took up the last one. That was a real gem. Zoom in for a total pay off.
So those are some photos and adventures from the con. We've got tentative local distribution deals in the works so you may be able to pick up our comics at a local retailer soon. Stay up and follow us on Twitter or our blogs or anywhere you want really. You can find us online in a few spots. Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, stay awesome.