Oct 24, 2010

Some Flicks and Tricks

Here's Chris. David of Slum Circus held a "Drink and Draw" party which I had to attend and met Chris and a few other artists. We were all drawing and drinking (no way). Chris is trying to get back into the fun side of art. Shoot for the stars and all that.
Here's Alex rocking my art and his from left to right. Dude is pretty talented and he's got the inspiring DIY lifestyle down pat.
I turned this out.
And that skull for good measure...
Initial sketch.
Mural in SD I happened upon.
Joshua Keen Valencia, the man, the myth, the legend, posing in front of the pretty paintings he painted palpably pre-show and for the show Oktuberfest.
Alfonso Malagon made a rare appearance.

Maritza Torres as always rocking some nice work...
Gericka's work on the red wall.
DJ prepping to spin...
Live art.
Random art.

Bum crashes on bikes and random dudes helping them pick up.
Where the MiniMogul show was supposed to be held.
Where we ended up wasn't too bad.

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