Oct 11, 2010

Riverside Artswalk and MiniMogul

Here's a few reference photos of the haters that earned their own section in my new comic 140 out at LBCC (Oct 29). Halfway decent ills to follow.

I flaked on a friend last week in the Riverside Artswalk and that was a dick move on my part. I was in the area just in case I got his call so I could make good but no dice. During my stroll I ran into Dan Nguyen who I met in 09 while we painted at a little show called "The Writing Is On the Wall." If you're in the I.E. art at all you've seen his stuff. If you're in the LA art at all and you haven't seen his stuff you will soon. He was working on this piece with a cool chap named Teebs.
Squirrels and guns. Fuck yeah.
This dude was walking around all night with his sign "yHomeless" or some such nonsense. He was being filmed so I'm waiting for that meme to pop up somewhere.
Went back to catch Dan and Teebs finished work.
Cosme of Division 9 fame as well as a few other folks suggested the Bicycle show at Sweeney to me. Sweeney has been out of service for a while, or so I was told, so I was stoked to get back through those doors. I walked right into this.

I'll gouge your eyes out.

Flocked and stocked.
Took apart a car and built two bikes out of the parts? Fully functioning? You're a king.

Saw this in Juxtapoz. Then in real life. Dig. Kudos, Jud.

Got invited to a not-so tangible lounge.
Bitch tits.

In other news, Saturday night I was in a show aptly titled "Legit" put together by the unstoppable duo only known right now as MiniMogul. These girls know what they're doing and I was down to show with them. Cool artists and space abound. They're looking to put together another one in November and I'm down for that too if they need me.

Here's some process pics of the cover of 140. All the art is done and now it's onto the manufacturing. Gotta get printed and stapled.

Show coming up on October 16 at Sounbite Studios. Charity and all that. Good cause. Get involved. Blah blah blah.
Oh, and it's a costume party. DO it.

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