Sep 7, 2010

140 and I Drink Coffee

So here's one of the panels I'm working on for the comic tentatively know as 140. Patent pending for all you sheisty bastards out there who be sheisting. Main character? Side character? WHO KNOWS?! In other news regarding yon comic, Erin Gibson, of Infomania's Modern Lady fame just contributed to the comic and I gotta say it was a good one. That's two down...dare I try to get the entire team to contribute to my comic? Would Sarah Haskins be down?... Let's see what can be seen...
Also here's a quick sketch I made at a coffee shop in Riverside. I also found the paper on the ground in Riverside just a block or so away...completely composed in Riverside. Listened to my friend Joshua's band the Oxbloods via his laptop and let my ink flow as the music flowed in my head. Josh turned up in the drawing as well as a rip of Jeff Soto and a character that walked in. Triple Threat...good title. Good not great.

Working steadily on the Burn Issue and 140. Gotta get em done for the Long Beach Comic Convention. Stay up, people. More to come.

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