Sep 21, 2010

Burritos (sp?) and Dragons

Some more draws for The Burnt Issue. Almost done with prelim art on that one. Get excited.

Sep 17, 2010

More Drawings and More Riverside

I'm digging tech and art lately. More sense-making soon...
A bathroom in Riverside told me, "Whoa, lover. Oy. Tree."
Poetry and Prose reading in Riverside.
I've been digging a lot of graphic design lately but I still like drawing on ugly paper. I've got to stop promising that I'll draw stuff when I won't.

Sep 15, 2010

Music To Draw To

Or read comics to. I'll get a more comprehensive list up here soon. In the meantime hit the link.

Sep 13, 2010

Dinosaurs and Tarantulas

Drew some stuff this weekend and saw some dinosaurs. That's pretty much all you need to know.
Drew some fellow Mexicans at El Pollo Loco where they were eating and working.
Then a comic about squealing.
Went to the LA County Fair. Five bucks after five Wednesday through Friday. Be there.
They've got penis-style corn dogs.
And horse-sized grills.
And horses.
And Dinosaurs combined with terrible Jurassic Park rip-offs?...Awesome!
Uh-oh, the dinosaurs broke free and broke some windows.
Good thing we've got guns.

Similat and "It is hook-like..." C'mon, guys. I guess spelling errors come with every rip-off.
Poor guy. The Nemo of tyrant lizards.
Fuck yeah. Allosaurus: named so because All o' saurs bow to him.
Giant-eyed baby dino.

This fucking tarantula was crossing Sierra Ave when I was driving up it near the creek. I almost hit the fucker. I say hit instead of smashed because I he was that big. At least 5 to 6 inch diameter with the legs. Saw another one on the way back. Wasn't bothering with taking pics of that guy. They were probably swarming my car by that point. Fucking ay, Grant Morrison.

Sep 10, 2010

BettieB's panel

Hey there hi there ho there. This little diddy was contributed to the tweet-based book via @BettieB an amazing cat lady and colorist. A tasty inked morsel...I can't help but wonder if she had just finished watching the Hipster Olympics. Stay tuned for more updates.

Sep 9, 2010

Fuck You, Very Much

Not addressed to me but it was a great read. Special thanks to EB and KA.

Sep 8, 2010

Another Panel...

...just for you

UPDATE: What? Someone gave me the wrong French grammar? I'll edit it later, I guess...

Sep 7, 2010

140 and I Drink Coffee

So here's one of the panels I'm working on for the comic tentatively know as 140. Patent pending for all you sheisty bastards out there who be sheisting. Main character? Side character? WHO KNOWS?! In other news regarding yon comic, Erin Gibson, of Infomania's Modern Lady fame just contributed to the comic and I gotta say it was a good one. That's two down...dare I try to get the entire team to contribute to my comic? Would Sarah Haskins be down?... Let's see what can be seen...
Also here's a quick sketch I made at a coffee shop in Riverside. I also found the paper on the ground in Riverside just a block or so away...completely composed in Riverside. Listened to my friend Joshua's band the Oxbloods via his laptop and let my ink flow as the music flowed in my head. Josh turned up in the drawing as well as a rip of Jeff Soto and a character that walked in. Triple Threat...good title. Good not great.

Working steadily on the Burn Issue and 140. Gotta get em done for the Long Beach Comic Convention. Stay up, people. More to come.

Sep 1, 2010

Alien Tattoo

So a couple of weeks ago I put out a blast on Craigslist offering free art for the first band/musician/rapper/polka specialist to tweet me AND follow me. Congratulations to Mike "The Alien" E.T. or @CrimsonFaced for hitting me the quickest. I'll probably be doing this again since it turned out some halfway decent art and was pretty fun. Stay tuned (get it?) for more.
In other news I'm diligently working on too many things at once but here's some nice stuff coming into fruition: a tattoo design I was commissioned to do has made it to the homeslice's arm. I'm sincerely honored someone would mark themselves with my drawing. Not really what it's about but it's a nice thought anyhow. Thanks, again!