Aug 18, 2010

Depression and Rug Burn

So the more real jobs I apply to and the more real jobs that don't call me back the more I'm filled with this disgusting black shit that eats away at my lungs and I gasp for air and start to sweat and think about how I'll never get to accomplish any of the goals I'm setting for myself because art needs to be funded somehow and I say, "Fuck off, Depression. You weren't invited to this party." So I draw something and I feel better and I apply for another real job and the cycle repeats itself. Here's some of that stuff I drew to give me a quick fix. More tiny sketches for the comic's cover. Working on other comics too. Fuck I've got to get off my ass and onto those comics.

Also, decided to give away some free album/cd/poster/cover/whateverthehellyouwant artwork via twitter and craigslist. Rappers don't know how to read directions.

Here's that sexy art I promised. Took prolly ten minutes or thereabouts. Gotta account for time spent staring. The red glow is rug burn.

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