Aug 10, 2010

Andrew Wants You to Work for Free

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From: Andrew
To: eyedraugh
Sent: Tue, Jul 27, 2010 5:47 pm
Subject: Re: logo design

Hey Nathaniel,

Thanks for responding to my ad on craigslist. Im still looking for a logo, and basically have a few things to go over before I get into what im looking for. My budget is small, so I can only offer $50 for the logo. I have a few other people that are coming up with their designs as well, and basically i'll be going with the best one. This is for my medical delivery service. I already have the concept i'd like, but I believe it needs to be executed correctly to look good. If you're fine with my budget, and what im looking for then we can go further.

My concept I have is a cookie jar. But I want the cookie jar to be made of marijuana colas (i've attached a picture of a marijuana cola for reference). I would like for it to take shape of a dutch looking cookie jar, with a fabric hemp type name plate over the jar which would have the name of the collective on there. I want this logo to look artsy, but realistic. Definitely not photoshopped realistic where images are cut out, but actually designed. If this is something that you could handle, i'd love to see what you can come up with. Im also open to other ideas, if you think you could make something better that's going to look good, then im open to that.

From: eyedraugh
To: Andrew

Hello Andrew,

I appreciate your interest in my work and your clear appreciation for "a few other people that are coming up with...designs as well." Typically when a business owner wants a logo they will look through an artists/designers portfolio to see their past work and decide whether or not that work is up to par with the design the client needs and if it can be executed properly. If the client feels the artist can do the work, the client will offer a payment to the artist within the client's budget of course and the artist will agree/disagree to do the required work.

In other cases, a company may offer a contest to artists/designers and hold a public voting session for a completed design. The artists involved will have their work seen by the public and gain exposure so they have some incentive for doing the work.

You however have decided to have a bunch of people work for free with nothing to offer in return. The artist who creates the design you choose will get fifty dollars while the rest of the workers receive nothing for their time and efforts. I'd love to compete in your contest but I've got other things to do that don't pay either. Thanks for the time.


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  1. Ahh yes. Reminds me of one of my blog posts that addresses that tumultuous client-designer relationship.

    Check out the sums it up quite nicely!