Jul 29, 2010

PLAY house

Been working through my funemployment by applying to all kinds of crappy/great jobs and getting nothing back. Same story as when I had a crappy job. So I keep on drawing the good draw and drawing what I saw. Getting lots of cool ideas. Submitted to the Youtube Biennial competition. Scope le vid here.

Other than that, submitted work to the worlds best ever. I'll treat you tomorrow with the pieces in there. I'm starting to forget the stuff I do unless I post it here. Must be more diligent. Drawing like crazy in my sketchbook and getting some potentially ill ideas for comics. Gonna work on a pilot for a viral web series. Ideas for some daily drawing blog, joint show, and blue bird comics...
More solid ideas/events revolve around the Slum Circus Independent Comics and Art show on August 28. Public speaking on Aug 5 and a show in Pomo at the same time. I smell a sitcom.
The public speaking has to do with this housing planner (I may be wrong on the title) Miguel and the idea he had to bring the public into the process of public planning. Don't know if this is the most direct route to go but hey let's give it a shot. I'm participating with one C. Schutten and she's nice enough to put up with me so there's some cool people involved. So far, I've drawn a house.

Show up to the Riverside Art Council's gallery in Riverside off of Central to listen to me talk the talk of the artwalk...Hey, I'm alright.

Jul 26, 2010

Underground at Edgeware

Up in San Diego next to Shepard Fairey until Sept when the show comes down. If you're down south go see Out From Underground at Edgeware Gallery.

These pigeons ain't mine but they're pretty slick.

Chor Boogie painting while people stood in the streets.

Mad zombies walking the streets in San Diego that night too. Something to do with some comic book convention. Until next time, Es Dee. You've been good to me. Stay awesome.

Jul 20, 2010

Welcome to the

Ha. Gonna have some zines, stickers, and shirts in Es Dee as well folks. Be ready.

See you Saturday.

Jul 18, 2010

Skull To Skull

Got some storyboards lined up and those are gonna be animated. Can't wait to see that. Afterwards? Some video work. Sketch that out and be sketchy about it. Gotta draw me some Kate Moss. And mail me some to TLOS. Busy day tonight and tomorrow. Follow me. Or the bird gets it.

I'll have this aerosol piece on parchment (yeah, I said it) for sale down in San Diego this Saturday and a few others. All original paintings. Come through. Let's go to the Gas Lamp and drink til we sink...in the pacific.

Jul 16, 2010

Out From Underground In A Week and Some Days...

Be there. You know you want to. C'mon. Don't be like that...Fine, it's for charity you assface. Feel bad yet? Cool! I'll see you there then.

Jul 11, 2010

San Diego in two weeks

Charity last Friday at Soundbite Studios was a big success. Come through on the 24th in San Diego to check out my work and the one and only Shepard Fairey's piece. Chor Boogie will be on hand amongst a few others.

See you soon San Diego.

Jul 6, 2010

Social Media and Painting Our Underground

Last week I was invited to a Social Media Day and not being entirely sure what that was I took my leave to attend rolling with a one JKeenV. Turns out it was a networking and social gathering in the clever guise of a charity event organized by my good friends at The Rainmaker Network and Unicorn Press-good people these folks. I bought a shirt to help the cause which I'll be rocking at the next charity event this Friday. The whole experience made me feel like I should be tweeting a lot more.

Yes, that's a money tree in the background.

A "Scott" asked Josh to draw on his shirt and being the only two artists in attendance we went into collaboration mode. Scott didn't hate the work so that was a success.

Working on some paintings for Friday the day of Painting Our Way to Scholarships. Half of all my art sales will be going to the charity of the evening so come packing money and leave packing art. Also, working on some pieces for Out From Underground. Turns out that's the Comic Con weekend so parties should be cracking. Stay tuned...

Buckwild Art Gallery from Nathaniel Osollo on Vimeo.

Division 9 Gallery-Cosme Cordova from Nathaniel Osollo on Vimeo.