Mar 29, 2010

Play Write, Bitches

Check out the gnarly duo rocking my O2 masks. Got some leftovuhs if you want 'em. Contact me. What's next? BEARFIGHT is getting published with a release date sometime next month and Sweden has asked to keep my painting as part of their perm collection. I'll have to have them send me a check and make sure to leave the springs overseas.

Mar 28, 2010

Dejeme tenerlo

FINALLY going out to Victorville, Cali to support and showcase. Come through. Show love. Be merry.

Mar 27, 2010


today and tomorrow in Victorville, CA folks.

Also, my good friend Vernell barbecues some serious meat. No joke on the grill if you ever attend his barbecues you're in for a treat.

Mar 26, 2010

Get Excited Because...

Tomorrow is the opening of LET ME HAVE IT. The show featuring myself and my good friend Evan Spears among Katie Dureault, Ricky Rich, and Rachel Rodriguez. These people have good work so check em out. Unfortunately I won't be there for the opening to see all the musical performances. However I WILL be there SUNDAY to see all THOSE musical performances. That's right: music AND art. Eat that every other similar event ever thrown. Come through on Sunday and get drunk with me. I know I will...

Mar 10, 2010

Facebook Scrabble is consuming my life

Been sick for the better part of three weeks. Fucking bronx-itus or some shit. My ears need to pop. Some de-congestion meds were prescribed by a man in a white coat who drew this ear and canal which looks suspiciously like a penis. Also, I've uploaded my current sketchbook on to this here inter-web. Enjoy. Or don't. Fuck I can't hear anything.