Dec 16, 2009

Little Girl Drew

A little girl was drawing a burlesque model in front of me a month or so ago. The first image shows her first drawing. The second image is her second attempt.

Dec 7, 2009

Made it...

to the Members Gallery of with the Chinese Fake-Out. Enjoy.

Dec 5, 2009

Chinese Fake-Out

Quail Quesadillas

This T-shirt sporting the chest buttons of my original character "Puggy" (pronounced Pudgy) is now available online and makes a fantastic gift for the holiday season. Who doesn't like T-shirts? Fucking Nazi's. Anyhow, I did that watercolor earlier this year and that chalkboard was done last week. My friend and I decided to leave some class a nice sexy surprise when they return. Crashed a random private party at the Grove in LA. Fuck off, White House crashers. Quail quesadillas and Pacifico.

Dec 1, 2009

Found and Cameos

Found a photo of my friend working in some ruins I hit once. He does some good stuff. Name of Michael Ng. If you haven't heard of him you will. Found another photo of the process of a piece put up in the Dutton Gallery of CSUSB earlier this year. Ending fast. Draw more. Paint more.