May 29, 2018

FCBD, UCR GeekOn, CCR, & LAZF 2018

For the uninitiated, that's Free Comic Book Day, University of California Riverside's GeekOn, Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA, and L.A. Zine Fest in, well, L.A.

All of these events took place this month. I am very tired.

I had a table at each event except for LAZF, where I volunteered with new friends from Pengulabs. Please enjoy these pictures of people dressing up at conventions and holding up books or other things that they bought at my artist alley table.

Here I am leaning on a ladder as Walt of Pengulabs hangs precariously from one:

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned in the coming months as I am aiming to get two more books out this year and I will be posting all about those here.

Thanks for reading, Internet. See you at the next con.

BoldPas 2018: The Red Door

In early May, Eva and I participated in BoldPas 2018, Old Pasadena’s outdoor public art installation event. 13 artists total were commissioned to create artwork for the city which was to be exhibited throughout the various alleyways that snake their way through “Old Town.”

We created The Red Door, which was a piece that had been occupying my mind for some time. Pulling influences from multiple points over my creative past and Eva’s organic inclinations, we created a subtle exhibit that forced viewers to engage the piece and rewarded them with a unique experience.

The idea was to create a Bermuda Triangle – a place that borders other dimensions. Unlike the Bermuda Triangle however, this gateway to another dimension could not be passed through – it can only be looked through.

Three red doors stand under their own power and each has it’s own peep holes. When the viewer peers through, they see a different world and the creatures in that world. The doorknobs were removed to ensure that no one could open the doors and potentially get stuck on the other side.

Safety first.

When viewers were to peek inside, they would see these creatures from the another dimension:

So rare do I get to play in the 3rd dimension instead of the 2nd dimension (as I would with comic books) that I often bite off more than I can chew. However, the Red Door seemed to come together without many obstacles as I had envisioned the entire building process in my mind for some time. On exhibit day, we were quite proud that there was a line to see into the Red Door at multiple points throughout the day.

Not to mention that staff at BoldPas was attentive, organized, and really made the day easy for us. Double points for being placed right in front of Gold Bug in Pasadena! The family that runs that place is fantastic and you should stop by to check out the wonders in store there.

The Red Door currently sits dismantled. The creatures on the other side became curious and tried to come through to our side. We took it apart immediately. We must look so strange to them that it compelled them to try and come through. Who can blame them?

We will build it again and we will take extra precaution. If you know any spaces where the Red Door can live, even for a short time, please let me know.

Thank you for reading, Internet. See you soon.